Volume Training!

Volume training is a very popular form of working out, and it does hold the potential to offer great gains. However, the application of this form of training must be correct otherwise you will end up going nowhere!

To begin with, you must understand what exactly volume training is and also what the pitfalls of using it can be. Volume training is exactly what is says on the tin, it consists of lots of working sets usually within the range of 25-40 with repetitions ranging from 8-15 normally. There are some major benefits to this style of training; however there can also be some major problems.

The secret to successfully utilising volume training is to keep the intensity of each session very high. This means that if you are performing 30 working sets within your workout; keep that session to within an hour. If you were to do 30 sets and keep the rest periods to 2-3 minutes between sets your time in the gym is way too long. Spending over an hour is usually not advisable simply because you will be catabolic; therefore your training isn’t productive!

Volume training is great to use some of the time, but when? The best body parts to use volume training on are major muscle groups such as your legs, back and maybe your chest. With such big muscle groups as your back, this form of training is sure to hit every angle and completely fatigue your target muscle group. That is the whole idea of volume training, to know that by the end of the session there is absolutely nothing left in the tank. This form of training will see your endurance during the session put to the test, as performing so many sets in such a short period of time will challenge your ability to push through the pain. Obviously your strength levels will suffer slightly, therefore you need to push as hard as you can to and beyond failure to ensure your muscles are been stimulated!

Volume training is a great way to shock the muscles because if you usually perform 12-15 working sets, doubling that is certainly going to be a huge shock to the muscles. However, make sure every set does count and you are not just ‘repping’ out sets for the sake of it. If you are, you may as well go home. Volume training is intense and you need to get your head into, in order to make every set count!

You can potentially benefit from added fat loss when using volume training due to the nature of the system. However, as mentioned before do not over use volume training because you will just over train!

To conclude, I would advise using volume training as a means to shock certain muscle groups every now and then, and to also spike your metabolism! I wouldn’t make it my training system for every day use because your body will soon get run down!

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