USN Protein IGF-1 Reviewed!

Without a doubt one of the best selling supplements in the UK today is USN Protein IGF-1! This supplement is loaded with ingredients which potentially not only promote rapid recovery, but rapid muscle gains as well as a lot more! Read on as we dissect the main components of USN Protein IGF-1!

 USN Protein IGF-1 contains an outstanding blend of premium proteins including whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumen as well as soy protein isolate. Of course, that sounds very impressive but what exactly does that equate to for the user of USN Protein IGF-1? The biggest mistake people make with their protein source is they only choose fast digesting varieties, which are good for certain times of the day. However, for most parts of the day a multi-blend protein is much more suitable and effective. The blend of proteins in USN Protein IGF-1 ensures that your rates of protein assimilation are high as the fast digesting proteins cause this reaction. The slower digesting proteins then ensure that your muscle cells have a constant feed of amino acids for several hours, which a stand alone fast digesting protein couldn’t offer. Therefore you are getting the best of both worlds in ONE! USN Protein IGF-1 is able to promote anabolism around the clock for the user simply because there isn’t a time in the day or night when your muscles aren’t been fed by this great supplement! The effects of this are that your rate of recovery will go through the roof as will your growth because your muscles have constant access to the required nutrients. Due to the unique blend of proteins, your nitrogen retention will also increase which is essential in order to gain muscle. Fat loss is something else the proteins in USN Protein IGF-1 can support, as it will help stabilise your blood sugar levels!

Already you can see USN really have developed a winning formula, but what else does Protein IGF-1 offer you? USN have ensured that the protein is fully available for your body to utilise to the greatest effects, by adding their STS (Sustained Transport System)! Getting nutrients down your gullet is one thing, making them have a significant impact on your muscles is quite another and USN know this! Furthermore, USN have also used a specific enzyme component in Protein IGF-1 in order to further enhance the overall digestion and assimilation of the protein content! This way you know the overall amino acid uptake is absolutely optimised! Finally, L-Glutamine has been added by USN to ensure your rate of recovery is as fast as possible!

Along with the great blend USN have added to Protein IGF-1, the taste of this product also deserves a mention. It is a very natural kind of taste and very refreshing. As I am absolutely addicted to coffee, I love the cappuccino flavour!

There you have all of the information you require to make an informed decision on USN Protein IGF-1! This is a fantastic product with the ability to make a genuine difference to any athlete!

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