Use Your Instinct!

Instinct is something every person and animal is born with, yet many fail to apply it to full effect. In relation to training, as you train more you should develop an ‘instinct’ to know what exercises are working for you and when you’re training session is over. It is called listening to your body, but in order to hear it you have to be prepared to ‘listen’!

There is no way you can state certain exercises work and others don’t because everybody has different length limbs, different biomechanics and different genetic make up! Therefore you have to understand what works for you. For example, some people find squats do nothing but hurt their lower back because of the length of their legs in proportion to their body; therefore they cannot get the correct angle. Instinct should tell this person to search for an alternative to search for a replacement exercise which will stimulate their thighs in the same way without hurting their back.

However, instinct goes further than this. It is plain to the eye if an exercise if comfortable for somebody to perform, or whether or not you are developing new muscle using the exercise. What the eye cannot see so easily when your muscle has become totally fatigued, and ending your session there is going to be of more benefit than continuing. You cannot just ‘keep going’ at whatever cost, you have to learn to distinguish the difference between muscle fatigue and COMPLETE muscle fatigue!

With your nutrition, you also need to rely on your instinct to an extent! If you are following a diet and you feel rubbish on it, you feel overly tired, excessively hungry all the time or run down you need to make changes. However, to realise you need to make changes it is your instinct which you are relying on! It will be telling you, it’s just whether or not you are listening!

Injuries are something else your natural instinct can help you with! For example, if you are training chest and your shoulder joint is really burning and is aching badly, you need to be able to know the difference between lactic acid build up or a niggle! By learning to listen to your instinct here you could save yourself a nasty injury! If your in an uncomfortable kind of pain that is your body’s way of telling you to stop! Listen to your instinct and stop, don’t be bullish and carry on if it is obvious there is an injury developing!

Learning to listen to your natural instinct will help you grow and stay healthy in many ways. It will tell you when your training session has climaxed, it will tell you if your diet is right and it will also tell you if there is something wrong! Listen out; you may be surprised with the results by working on instinct a little bit more!

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