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As you guys follow my 12 week transformation video series you will see I train with Neil Hill, IFBB Pro trainer on a regular basis. It is Neil who is looking after me with my diet as well as my training plan. Of course, I am following his Y3T training plan and I have to say it works wonders! Here I just wanted to point out a few things which training with Neil really helps with!


When we do leg extensions Neil will make sure all the smaller details are in place, it was just yesterday we did a ‘week 2’ leg workout. As I was doing extensions Neil would say things like ‘point your toes up!!’ and ‘contract at the top!’ These two small tips right here make all the difference. When I train with Neil I never lift a weight for weights sake, I always feel as if the target muscle is doing all the work and that’s how it should be! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I just want to ‘rep out’ to hit the target repetition range because I am in so much blood pain, but training with Yoda ensures I get 110% out of every workout!


The name ‘Neil Hill’ is an alternative meaning for the word ‘intensity’ if you look in the updated version of the dictionary, or at least it should be! Something Neil is great at doing is knowing when you have rested enough to get the most out of your next set, and he is also very clever in knowing when you have ‘failed’ and when you have REALLY ‘failed’! In a workout where I would otherwise fail at 12, I may get 15-16 with Neil there because he guides you through the set. He knows when you need to rest for a second or two, before doing another rep. This is very smart because by resting just before complete failure you are able to get more reps out each set! However, you are hurting after a workout with Neil and what’s more there are steps to climb out of the Dungeon Gym!!!


It is one thing training yourself into the ground, where you can barely move, and your lungs can barley feed your brain enough oxygen and you feel like your fit to die! It’s quite another training ‘blind’ and over doing it! Neil has the gift of realising when you are in PAIN and when your muscles have reached a point where they just need to be fed to help to start recovering! This I think is because he spent so many years working around injuries as a Pro, so he has an immense understanding of training!

Those are some of my experiences and opinions of Neil, having trained with him regularly over the last 5 weeks. We will be bringing you a video interview shortly from Neil where he can explain to you guys in his own words the wisdom behind Y3T!

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