Top 3 Foods Before Bed!

One of the ‘4 optimum’ feeding windows of the day is right before bed! On a daily basis I am asked is it bad or not to eat food before bed, and my reply always remains the same. It depends on what you eat, BUT you should definitely eat before bed that’s for sure!

When you fall into a deep sleep this is when our rate of recovery and growth is optimised. Our body is able to repair damaged muscle fibres at a much quicker rate than any other time of the day. This is because your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels peak! Therefore it is important you know what to eat before you put your head down! Here are my top 3 ‘before bed’ foods! Depending on your goals and likes will dictate which you choose!

Multi-Blend Protein –

Taking on a multi-blend protein shake is an ideal way to ensure your muscles have the correct feed of amino acids through the night. You don’t want to just limit yourself to Casein, a slow digesting protein alone because faster digesting proteins help stimulate your protein synthesis levels. If your body is able to assimilate more protein through the night it stands to reason you will recover faster and grow quicker! PhD 6hr blend, Gaspari Myofusion and CNP Pro-Peptide are all great ‘before bed’ protein supplements!


Low fat Cottage Cheese –

Low fat cottage cheese is a fantastic food to eat before bed, especially if lean muscle gain is the main goal! This dairy product is enriched with quality muscle repairing amino acids, mainly from casein protein. The fats are also great for elevating your natural anabolic hormones and slowing down the rate your calories are absorbed, prolong the feed to the muscles! If you don’t want a shake before bed because you’re starving, low fat cottage cheese is a great option!

Egg whites and Almond Butter –

If you have the appetite of a starved Lion, an omelette made from egg whites, 1 whole egg and buttered with almond butter could be your best option! Typically, egg is a relatively fast digesting protein but with the addition of the fats from the yolk and almond butter, the rate of digestion will be slowed down. Therefore yours muscles should enjoy a healthy supply of essential muscle building amino acids!

Those are my top 3 suggestions for any athlete to have before bed. Obviously each option suits each person differently, depending on your taste in food, your appetite and how long you want to spend eating before bed!

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