The Importance of Understanding Supplements!

Supplements are sometimes misunderstood, they are believed to be unnatural and dangerous by many, but a wise man once said “knowledge is power,” (Sir Frances Bacon, 1597). And if you increase your understanding of supplements you would realise how they could help transform you and the way you train. A supplement is a non-food substance that is used to augment the dietary intake of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and/or herbs. Supplements serve many purposes; they can help you recover from training quicker, increase strength, energy, and burn fat amongst many other things. Nutrition is an important part of your training; it dictates the results that you are able to achieve from training. The demand you place upon your body is great during a workout and in order to optimise your workout and results you will need to replace what you are using and what your body needs to function at its best.

Now many supplements are found in natural foods, things like protein for example which is found in chicken and other foods. The recommended daily intake of protein for an athlete is anywhere between 1.5g -2g per pound in body weight. This is where a protein supplement would help. The required amount of daily protein is very high and some people are unable to take in this amount of protein from a natural source i.e. chicken. Using a protein shake would allow you to take in the required amount of protein quickly and efficiently on a daily basis giving your body the daily amount of protein that your body needs after training. The other benefits of a protein shake is the rate in which it is broken down, and gets to the muscles, after training your body needs protein with 30mins otherwise it would start to break down the muscles which you are working so hard trying to build. If you were to eat a chicken breast for example it would take around 45mins for the body to digest it, and by this time it is way too late. A protein shake on the other hand would be in the system within 20mins there for going directly to the muscles and rewarding your hard work.

You hear many people talk about side effects of things like protein shakes and many other supplements. Now, just like anything good for you too much of it can be bad for you, but just the right amount can be a beautiful thing. Now if you are unsure about a supplement, you should always research it and what it contains as you can find out truly how it will benefit your workout, like Creatine, which your body naturally processes, and is also found in meat like beef. If you top up your Creatine stores you will be able to run for longer, push more reps and train at a higher all-round intensity which will increase in bigger strength gains, muscle growth amongst other things, now doesn’t that sound good?! Supplements are going to help you take your training and results to the next level it’s going to aid you in every single way needed but whenever you think about trying out a new supplement insure to read the dosage and take them correctly then you should be fine. Always remember to drink at least 4 litres of clear drinking water a day as well to maintain overall health and to maximise the effects of your supplements!

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