Tennis 'Super Feature' (part 3) - Supplements

As the final and third part of our ‘Tennis super feature’ we are going to be discussing some of the very best supplements for a tennis player to use in order for them to maximise their performance! Supplements play a key part in almost any athlete’s diet now and more and more athletes have become wise to it. Gone are the days where ‘weight trainers’ of some description use supplements, instead athletes from all backgrounds use supplements!


This amino acid has become a staple in many athlete’s supplement programme over recent years and with very good reason indeed! L-Glutamine is a fantastic supplement due to its ability to aid recovery within any athlete! In short, L-Glutamine will increase the rate of protein assimilation within your muscles, thus leading to a faster rate of recovery. For a tennis player L-Glutamine can help them avoid excessive levels of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) between games, which could really impinge their overall performance! There are many L-Glutamine formulas on the market, however Reflex do a fantastic product and it is also great value!

Waxy Maize Starch

This is an excellent source of carbohydrates which has the ability to fuel a tennis player like no other carbohydrate in a sense! In short, waxy maize starch is fast digesting, however it doesn’t upset your blood sugar levels like other fast digesting carbohydrates do. Therefore it is perfect to take before a match to ensure your muscle glycogen levels are full! It could also be used during as well as after your game to replenish your depleted muscle glycogen levels! As a tennis player it is vital that your muscle glycogen levels remain as full as possible to maximise your endurance! PhD Waxy Maize Starch is a superb supplement based on this very ingredient!


Bodybuilders and powerlifters are not the only guys who need plenty of protein! To ensure your body is always in peak condition as a tennis player you need to give your body the right nutrients to aid recovery! Protein is an essential nutrient in this process! Using a multi-blend time phased protein before a tennis match will ensure your muscles are drip fed muscle repairing amino acids! Right after your game you should take on some whey protein isolate to shuttle amino acids directly into the muscle cell. Remember, if your muscles aren’t recovered properly how can you perform to your maximum ability!? Gaspari Myofusion, PhD 6hr Blend and CNP Pro-Peptide are also excellent multi-blends. For fast acting isolate Gaspari Intrapro, Reflex Instant Whey and PhD Whey HT+ are all great options!

Those are the supplements which I would suggest are vital to any avid tennis player! Of course there are other supplements out there which can also benefit them, but these are the bare ‘essentials’

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