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With the tennis season now and truly underway and the first day of Wimbledon already over, FitMag wanted to bring to you a 3 part ‘Tennis Super Feature!’ Part 1 is going to discuss ways in which you can incorporate resistance training into your training schedule to enhance your game on the court. For any budding mini Andy Murray’s or Laura Robson’s, here is our tennis training guide!


Tennis is a game which relies a lot on your core strength and endurance. Therefore you should use exercises within a circuit which will help develop your core strength and endurance simultaneously! When you run from one side of the court to the other, it is your core which will help you change direction quickly and help stabilise your body through shots.


Improving the power in your shots is mainly down to technique, yet having the ability to generate more force through your muscles should help! Therefore you should focus on using exercises which help develop power through your legs as well as your upper body! Remember the purpose is to improve your power not to stimulate hypertrophy.


Tennis can be anaerobic and aerobic which means your body is constantly using different energy systems on the court. In order to enhance your overall endurance the circuit you train on must have a constant variation in intensity! This will help condition your body for the court!

Below is a training circuit which takes into account these key points of a tennis player’s game!

*30 seconds rest between sets*

Set 1 –

Crunches for 30 seconds

10 metre sprints for 30 seconds

Set 2 –

Dumbbell squats for 30 seconds

10 jogs for 30 seconds

Set 3 –

Explosive kettlebell squats for 30 seconds

10 metre sprints for 30 seconds

By performing this circuit 3 times around, your overall core power and endurance should improve over time and translate to better performances on the court. This circuit can also be used to work on your court speed, with the sprinting and explosive exercises. When a tennis player sprints or moves quickly around the court this becomes anaerobic, and it is important to work on this! Of course, by keeping the heart rate elevated due to the intensity of this circuit it also remains aerobic!

There is a conditioning circuit for tennis players who want to improve their overall speed, core strength and endurance on the court!

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