Tennis for Cardio!

Flavour of the month is definitely tennis with some of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world being played in recent weeks! Some of you may or may not know that I used to play an awful lot of tennis! Week evenings I would play for 1-2 hours and up to 7 hours on a Saturday, which looking back was crazy! This article is going to focus on the conditioning benefits tennis can offer to you in order to stay in shape!

Tennis is neither low impact nor high impact; instead it is a mixture of the both! You can’t describe tennis a medium impact cardio session because there are lots of times where you sprint and others where you stand still! Therefore the best way to describe a tennis session would be interval training or faartlek training!

Tennis is a fantastic way to stay in peak condition for the average guy or girl who wants that ‘beach body’ physique! By constantly changing the pace of exercise as you play a game of tennis your body is forced to keep guessing, which can lead to more calories been used up by the body as you move through different energy systems.

Tennis helps you maintain a good level of cardiovascular endurance which is great for your overall health. Some forms of cardio such as low impact training mainly focus on fat burning, as where something like tennis can help you burn body fat and keep your cardio capacity high! It stands to reason your lifting sessions in the gym should improve because you will be able to train harder if you are fitter!

Another reason why I feel that tennis can be such a good form of cardio for the average athlete is that it is FUN! Cardio is renowned among athletes who ‘diet’ every year for been incredibly boring. It’s a funny one, I love to go for walks but when I do ‘cardio’ I can get very bored! Tennis keeps your mind stimulated and you are socialising at the same time with your opponent, who is probably a good friend of yours, therefore you forget you are actually ‘exercising’!

Tennis isn’t the best form of cardio for fat loss, and I would always recommend low impact as your main source of cardio exercise. However, it is good to mix it up and I think that tennis is a great way to maintain condition once you have got your fat levels to where you want them to be!

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