Start ''Today'', Not ''Tomorrow''

Guilt is something none of us like to live with, and it always seems to place a degree of ‘mental’ weight on your mind! In relation to ‘dieting’ the most common way to relieve the guilt of not ‘dieting’ is to say ‘I will do it next week.’ By saying this you are not directly saying ‘I can’t be bothered’ instead you are delaying the commitment, which makes you feel better because you haven’t said ‘no!’ to you starting a diet! Here is a 4 step guide as to why starting a diet TODAY will yield much better results than starting ‘TOMORROW’!

Why the delay?

OK it may be that it is your final week of exams or something of equal importance, therefore you may reason it is easier to start a diet next week. Why? Do you eat during your exams? YES! Do you have to prepare your food to a certain degree? YES! For sure, it is more effort to prepare brown sandwiches with lean chicken breast and salad than to buy one, but hey not much more! Leading a life where there are very few obstacles is idealic, not realistic! Therefore if you think as your exams or whatever else finish there won’t be another reason why you ‘cant’ begin dieting think again, because there will be. The point is, your busy life isn’t the issue, instead it is your mindset!


By taking a bold step and beginning what you have planned to do for ages, TODAY, you are applying structure to your life. Each meal will have to prepared ready, and you will have to plan an eating schedule which will allow you to get these meals in! Don’t tell me you’re too busy, my mum used to use this excuse, but now she stopped and listened to me she has lost 16lbs in 6 weeks at the age of 56! Adding structure to your life today opposed to ‘tomorrow’ will enable you to build a more healthy foundation for your future!

Feel good factor!

Actually doing something opposed to saying you’re going to do something gives you an instant hit of ‘feel good!’ You feel proud of yourself, you feel good because you know you are progressing and you feel better physically as well. After 1 week, the very week you were going to start, you are so pleased that you DID start last week. This does wonders for your mental power going forward!


A lot of people won’t start a diet until they have cleared the house of chocolate and other junk because it is wasteful to dispose of this food! However, if you say ‘I will start next week’ when you come to do your food shop, you may well find yourself conveniently forgetting you can’t buy junk food. Therefore low and behold, you will have to start NEXT week now, because you can’t waste this food! Start today because this is the ONLY way you are going to ever get into it!

There you have 4 very powerful points to consider, if you are somebody who says they are going to ‘start tomorrow or next week!’ Remember, talk is cheap, real cheap; therefore saying you will do something another time is basically meaningless. Starting your diet and training today is very empowering and proactive! It is vital to become proactive and not reactive. Forever more will you have to react to everyday chores, and your reaction will be to skip food and training! FitMag has listed the training, nutrition and supplementation plans you need now put it into action!

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