With London 2012 approaching fast, we will be able to witness in our home country some of the world’s best athletes! For those of you who like the typical beach body look, 100M sprinters have pretty impressive physiques! Do you think it is by chance sprinters are normally very lean and muscular? Although genetics play a huge part, sprinters train for power and as a result their body fat levels are very low and their muscle density is fairly high! They don’t train to look muscular; it is simply a bi-product of their training to move faster! Therefore I suggest some of you may benefit from adopting the training of a sprinter! Why?


Sprinters are extremely anaerobically fit, yet their aerobic capacity probably won’t be great depending on the individual! On the track, their training will be based around sprints over varying distances at varying intensities! They may run fast for 200M, then have a break, then run a little faster for 150M and so on. The point is they don’t do hours of jogging like so many people thing they need to do! It shows that sprinting, a high intensity form of cardio can be a very effective way of getting ripped! Sprinting has been shown in studies to significantly increase the amount of calories used by the body for up to 4 hours AFTER your cardio session finishes. Talk about burning calories with no effort!!!


It is no secret that sprinters do tend to utilise weight training in order to improve their speed. Power exercises like explosive squats, deadlifts, military press, clean and jerk and bench pressing are some of the favourites! All of these exercises focus on power and explosion which all help develop new fast twitch muscle fibres, obviously making it an attractive form of training for sprinters. The same can be said for you because these exercises are all compound movements, meaning that they promote fat loss like no other resistance exercises!


Like a bodybuilder, sprinters will take in high amounts of protein to help build and maintain their muscle tissue and they will also take in a lot of slow digesting carbohydrates for sustained energy! These carbohydrates are a primary energy source even during fast explosive anaerobic exercise such as sprinting! Again this tells a story for you, that eating high amounts of nutrients from the right sources can aid fat loss and muscle retention!

There are some of the basic principles a lot of sprinters will incorporate to sustain their speed on the track and to help them build new muscle tissue, to move faster! Sprinters have some of the most pleasing athletic physiques in the world, so it stands to reason training like them could also open some new doors for you and lead you to new levels of progress! If you find low impact cardio boring and you struggle to focus, following a sprinters routine could work for you! This also shows that women can benefit just as much as men from anaerobic exercise in their quest for toned curves!

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