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I have a secret to share.....and that is......THERE IS NO SECRET!

If you've seen 'Kung Fu Panda', you'll know what I'm talking about! We'd love there to be a strange combination of foods, or a magic pill, or a wonderful piece of machinery that will overnight give you the body of your dreams.  But the truth of the matter is THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

I’m sorry if you feel the same as that fateful day when you discovered your dad was Santa Claus but, get used to it! The faster you can accept that the faster you can get onto getting the body you want.

So what are we talking about here? Yep, good clean food and good effective training. Oh....and time! Don't expect to lose 3 years worth of fat gain in 3 weeks, if you know what I mean! The guys with the muscles you envy at the gym didn't wake up with them after a month 'popping in to the gym'. Understand now that your body is always a work in progress, the job is never done. Put the time and work in and you can expect results when you are honest and realistic!

Now supplementation can also really enhance your results but at the end of the day the basics should be eat well and train well.  I get asked a lot about what I take, what training and what I eat or don't eat.  Supplements should enhance your diet, not BE your diet.  Keep it simple and find what works for you.  I would recommend these as my top three and why.

1) Protein powder- not instead of lunch or dinner, eat real food but use protein shakes as a quick absorbing protein, post training in particular. Every athlete can use this with great gains but everyone uses them differently. Check out the content on FitMag for more in depth information on protein powders. There are loads on the market that do different things and have all sorts of weird and wonderful things added to them. I use one first thing in the morning (I'm up at 5am!) and post training to ensure I stay anabolic and can get the gains from my training.

2) Fish oil- I take 6-8 a day. They aid cardiovascular health as well as neurological health and have shown to improve skin and eye health.  A must supplement!

3) Magnesium-Low levels of magnesium have been linked to depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It helps optimise the use of vitamin D in the body and plays a role in promoting better sleep and lower stress levels. The less stress and better sleep you have, the lower your cortisol levels are and I've seen a distinct reduction in abdominal fat when cortisol is managed.

Do your research and look honestly at your diet and training. Don't kid yourself. I hear so many times 'I have a really good diet....' but on analysis it's filled with foods and drinks that really hinder any kind of progression.  If it was really good you would have the body you wanted and wouldn't be gaining fat or not failing to gain muscle. Be prepared to change something.  It might be taking something out or adding something in, but no change here then no change there.  Have the guts to change. So what if your mate doesn't like it?  It's not their body.  Jealousy is a cruel thing; many friends can affect your performance by being negative.  You don't need it. Tell them it means a lot to you. Be proud of you and what you want. There's only one it well!

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