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OK, so what happens when you lose it? No, not your iPhone (though I know my life world come to a screeching halt! Sad state of affairs....) but instead motivation! The desire to achieve your goal! All of a sudden you have hit a point where there is no self control and your in a mental state where cake, chocolate and glasses of wine all have the ability to talk you into cheating....waking up for no reason feeling like it's all gone wrong.

You are not alone! It's surprising how different you can feel week by week, even how you feel day to day.  Or in my case I can do a full 180 in the space of a day! At the end of the day, life, work, family, even yourself, will throw all sorts of challenges and obstacles your way. What makes winners and achievers is how you deal with them, deflect them.  Stand there with your head held high and let it all ricochet off your armour! (I couldn't even write that without giggling!! I said it in a class once and all of us burst out laughing! Who knows where that came from....?)

Previously, I wrote how you are responsible for yourself and your actions and only you will really bring yourself out of any lull you're having. 

However, talk to someone, tell your trainer or someone close and use them as an inspiration to take action!

Perhaps figure out what the issue is. Learn to understand yourself and how you deal with things.  I often spin the situation round, what would I say to a client or friend and perhaps take my own advice.

Is it boredom? Could a simple change of routine make all the difference?

Are you not achieving your results? Ask why? Have you not followed your plan? Are you actually DOING your plan?! (A surprising number of people claim their plan doesn't work and they're not actually completing it as they are supposed to.....,)

Has someone made a comment that upset you? Whether said in kindness or spite, what now? Do you agree with them? Are they jealous? Are they trying to help?  Look at yourself and make your own judgement, it's your body, what do you want from it? Just because 'Dave' in Accounts thinks women should be petite and lacking muscle, doesn't mean you should doubt your fabulous deltoids and guns to be proud of if you love them! (What does Dave know anyway.....? You could probably bench more than him on your bad day.....!

Take the rough with the smooth; understand that if you come down you can only come back up again! It will only get worse if you don't confront it and be honest with yourself. Write down new goals (even if it's stop being a whiner!) stick them on your fridge, take a deep breath and keep going. No one said it was going to be easy, if it's worth it you'll work for it!

Here a few tips and motivational quotes from some trainers and fitness bods to inspire....

'You can't out train a bad diet!!'

           -Gavin Gibson, owner of Iron Bodies UK

'Don’t just try, keep trying and then try harder! Every step counts, every rep, every good meal, every avoided bad meal’

          -Joanne Milsom, Owner and Founder at The Physique Academy

'Obsession is a word lazy people use for dedicated'

          -said by Arnie himself....

          -quoted by Mark Hall

'Eat clean, lift heavy, get bigger!

         -Dave Thomas, Founder and Director of The Foundry

'Train dirty, eat clean!

         -Bev Keen, studio instructor and Personal Trainer

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