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Maintain a good level of aerobic capacity whilst holding on to your hard earned lean muscle tissue can be a hard balancing act to pull off! It is mainly going to come down t genetics, your diet, what your cardio exercise is and how to use certain supplements. Let’s take average Joe who wants to have a ‘beach body’ physique, yet he also enjoys jogging 4 miles every weekend to keep his aerobic capacity high! What should he do to avoid muscle wastage? Here are 3 tips I would suggest to avoid becoming catabolic!

Utilise food!

If you plan on going for a jog to blow the cobwebs off and get your blood pumping, make sure your meals are feeding your muscles with the correct nutrients to decrease the chances of your body eating your muscle! Having at least 2 good meals, with very low G.I carbohydrates, protein and some healthy fats will help ensure your muscles are fuelled. This means your body should have less of a reason to resort to eating your muscle tissue. Post-jog be sure to take in some fast acting carbohydrates from a juicy fruit like pineapple or kiwi, and drink a high quality whey isolate formula such as PhD Whey, Reflex Instant Whey or Gaspari Intrapro! To ensure your body can hold on to lean muscle tissue, even though you jog regularly, don’t let your protein intake fall below 1.5g per pound of body weight!


There are certain supplements which will help keep you anabolic, so that you know when you are lacing up your running shoes your muscles aren’t going to be scoffed at! BCAAs are a must because they will help protect the muscles during your job, and they will also aid rapid recovery. L-Glutamine is another must because it too helps combat catabolism and increases the rate of protein synthesis in the muscle cell. Another supplement I would strongly advise you take before your jog is PhD Waxy Maize! This is a fantastic product which enables the body to replenish its muscle glycogen levels without causing too much of an unwanted insulin spike. Therefore your fat burning capabilities shouldn’t be compromised, yet you know your muscles are full to the brim so you shouldn’t lose muscle mass!


In order to ensure your muscles get in enough calories to recover after your jog, I would always recommend do your run on your cheat day! This is because your muscles will be more open to soaking up calories which helps with recovery, and it also helps you keep your body fat levels lower even when you’re cheating!

For those of you guys who like to carry muscle, but cannot bring yourself to hang up those running shoes this is what I would advise in order to maximise your retention of lean muscle tissue!


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