Reinforcing Discipline Into You!

Discipline is something which is instilled within us almost the day we are born, to what degree really depends on our upbringing, personal morals and our level of determination to succeed. In my opinion, without discipline you won’t achieve much in any walk of life, let alone get into shape! Been a Welsh rugby fan, you could say recent antics of certain members of our national squad has inspired me to remind you of your own duty to yourself!

                Unfortunately alcohol seems to have gripped our nation by the throat and put it in a chokehold! Even certain professional athletes seem to be strangled by this hold, where they are unable to display enough discipline to resists the temptations of excessively indulging themselves. However, if this is how they want to live their life that’s fine, it just seems a waste! My main concern is that our FitMag readers may start to think ‘’if a professional athlete can booze and eat junk excessively, then surely I can too?’’ The question you have to ask is ‘’are these athletes really performing to their maximum capacity?’’ Sure they play a good game and would run rings around you or I on the field, but are they really performing as well as they could? If they are not looking after their bodies to the maximum capacity I would argue that they are NOT! If somebody plays ‘’well’’ and they are drinking regularly or eating poorly, SURELY if their diet is better and they kick their drinking habits they will perform better?! SURELY!

                Whether or not these guys will ever wake up to this doesn’t worry me to be honest, I just want FitMag readers who may ‘’idolise’’ certain professional sports men to be mindful that they are not representing a good example of how an athlete should live. If you want to maximise your progress, it takes discipline and effort. So in my mind that means almost completely kicking alcohol off the park, having all of your meals ready for the day ahead of you and ensuring your supplementation plan is in place!

                Whilst the volume of top class athletes who behave with plenty of dignity and maturity on and off the pitch far out weigh the ones who don’t, make sure that you don’t justify your lack of discipline because you see sports stars doing so!!!

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