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Today the market is flooded with isotonic drinks which are misunderstood by many people! The popularity of these drinks has a lot to do with how great they taste, yet if you are a serious athlete you cannot really drink many of these drinks! However, there is a drink out there which tastes almost identical to Lucozade without any of the drawbacks. Not only do you avoid the drawbacks of high sugar content, you also get a whopping 40g of ultra fast digesting protein! Interested? Then read on and discover Reflex Whey Refresh!

Reflex Whey Refresh is a completely unique supplement which even comes in a bottle like the isotonic drinks you see in sports vending machines. As mentioned before, each drink contains 40g of whey isolate protein, which is quite spectacular! The rate of digestion of this protein is very high, therefore it is ideal to use right before a workout to stimulate your protein synthesis levels and help maintain your nitrogen retention. It is also perfect to use during your workout for the very same purposes as above and as a refreshment as well. Remember, Reflex Whey Refresh tastes absolutely amazing, it just so happens you are getting 40g of the very best protein on top! Post-workout is another prime time to use Reflex Whey Refresh due to the nature of the protein content, your muscles will soak up the nutrients!

Another great aspect of Reflex Whey Refresh is that it contains next to no sugar or fat! This makes it about as guilt free as humanly possible! So many products which taste as good as Reflex Whey Refresh are loaded with sugar to enhance the taste. Not here though, so you can enjoy a refreshing fruity drink just about anytime of the day!

Due to the fact Reflex Whey Refresh contains 40g of whey isolate protein and not much else apart from flavour, what else is there to say? It is able to promote anabolism at anytime of the day because the calorie content is so low. It tastes as good as the best tasting isotonic drinks on the supermarket shelves and it has a great convenience factor! All you have to do is reach into your bag, pop the lid and glug! Reflex Whey Refresh is certainly a product I would highly recommend, especially for the summer as you want to enjoy a nice fruity and refreshing beverage in the sun!

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