Porridge is Served!

Porridge is the breakfast food which I associate with ‘muscle’ as a kid, maybe because there was a muscular guy wearing a chequered ‘skirt’ on the front of the box of oats! Although eating oats for breakfast has stuck with me, luckily the dress code never really caught on!!! Joking aside, oats are probably the best way to start the day, so here are 3 very easy porridge meals for you to choose from!

Chocolate berry

.60g oats

.Handful of blueberries

.2 chopped strawberries

. 2 scoops of chocolate powder (Gaspari intrapro, Reflex Instant Whey, PhD Whey HT+)

. 20g almonds

This is an absolutely gorgeous breakfast and quite frankly I could eat this all day long!!! The chocolate oats taste great, but with the addition of the fruit it taste so much nicer. This is because it has a natural flavour and the texture of the almonds also adds to the entire eating experience! The fruits provide some sugar carbohydrates for the much needed insulin spike, and they also give you loads of vitamins and antioxidants to support overall health! The almonds provide healthy fats which help the body metabolise fats!

Creamy vanilla

. 60g oats

. Handful of blueberries

. Handful of raisins

. 2 scoops of vanilla powder (Gaspari intrapro, Reflex Instant Whey, PhD Whey HT+)

. 1 tablespoon of almond butter

This is a very creamy breakfast which leaves you questioning whether or not something so damn tasty can be good for you. Well, the answer is YES! The berries just add an extra edge to prevent it from tasting too sweet and creamy, which can sometimes get a little tiring otherwise. The almond butter really adds texture and taste to this porridge meal!

Fruit shoot

. 60g oats

. ½ chopped banana

. Handful of blueberries

. 2 chopped strawberries

. Handful of raisins

. Served with 100g low fat natural yoghurt

This is a lovely natural breakfast without any protein powders. If you are more into cardio training, sports or other activities which don’t require such a vast intake of protein, then this breakfast could be perfect for you! Personally I would advise every person who eats healthy to start the day with a protein powder, but not everyone enjoys that!

There you have 3 very easy to prepare oat meals which all taste absolutely terrific, keep you on track with your gains and won’t sabotage your fat loss goals!


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