Myth Buster Series (part 3) - Supplements!

As our ‘Myth Buster Series’ continues we hope you have learnt some new things this far! To date we have discussed myths surrounding training and nutrition, and today we are going to move on to supplementation! There are endless myths and misunderstandings in regards to supplement usage and today we hope you can learn about some of them!

Protein makes you ‘’bulky’’!

How? Supplementing on protein shakes cannot make you look bulky if your diet is right! Protein powder is essentially a liquid equivalent to a chicken breast or something similar. They are purely to make your life easier, enabling you to ingest the right quantities of protein without force feeding, and a way to get a very high standard of protein into your body. Calories can potentially cause you to ‘’bulk’’ up but protein is very low in calories! Many male and female athletes supplement on protein and they look like they don’t much at all, if they are endurance athletes for instance! The point of protein powders is to ensure you get enough protein to stimulate the recovery of muscle tissue, and the growth of if that is what you’re aiming for! To an extent you can influence this with your training and diet!

Supplements don’t really make much difference!

Yes they do! Personally, I would suggest supplements make between 15-25% difference depending on the supplement stack, the athlete and the diet that athlete is following! On my transformation I have shown my strength has increased 25% and so has my endurance. More reps and more weights should equate to more muscle growth! Anybody who finds a supplement stack isn’t working may find that their diet and training are at fault! Be truthful and if you can say you never drink alcohol when dieting, you never miss a meal and you eat good meals then the supplements will work for you! Simple!

Supplements will make up for my lack of effort!

No they won’t! The reason these products are called ‘supplements’ is because that is precisely what they do! They ‘supplement’ your diet in order to aid your recovery rate, your energy levels, strength levels and rate of growth. Most supplements only have the ability to affect your body when your diet and water intake is correct, so don’t EVER say they will make up for a lack of effort on your behalf because they can’t! This is why so many people fail to see results with supplements, due to their laziness, not the quality of the supplements they are using! Ferrari’s are much faster than Vauxhalls around a track, but the driver has to put the effort in to make the car go! The ingredients are there to achieve phenomenal results; it is a case of utilising the ingredients as they are intended to be used!

There you have some of the most common myths surrounding supplement usage! From this I believe you are much better primed to get more from your supplement stack! Supplements are a huge part of the overall equation; you just need to understand the truth in order to get those results!

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