Myth Buster Part 1 - Fat loss & Training!

The fitness industry is rife with myths which are misleading and misinforming to novice trainers! Unfortunately, like in any walk of life there will be a lot of people advocating certain practices which are not correct and the individuals themselves actually lack experience, therefore are not necessarily ‘qualified’ to advise. Whilst we cannot stop this, we can point out some of the most common myths as part of our new ‘Myth Busters Series!’ Today, we are going to bust 5 fat burning training myths!

‘’Sit Ups Burn Fat!’’

Performing sit ups to burn body fat around your waistline isn’t the best way to get ripped! So many people will perform hour’s worth of crunches and sit ups yet fail to get lean. You will commercials advocating certain ‘ab machines’ which get you ripped, with some guy stood there in shorts with a brick wall stomach! Whilst that machine may ‘develop’ the abdominals, it is his diet which has got his body fat that low which enables his abs to pop out like that! It is virtually impossible to ‘site burn’ body fat! Therefore only use crunches and sit ups as a means to condition your abdominal muscles and help develop them. Don’t think by working your abs out you are burning body fat around your waist, specifically, because your not! To burn body fat, you need to be doing the right cardio exercise and eating the right foods!

‘’Hours of jogging burns fats!’’

Again, there will be a certain group of people in your gym who ‘live’ on the cardio machines and they will be going flat out for at least an hour, everyday of the week. Surprisingly, they look more or less the same as they did a year ago. The reason for this is they are not really burning body fat very effectively, low impact cardio for moderate periods of time OR very high impact cardio for short periods of time are the best ways to shed body fat, along with resistance training!

‘’Weight training doesn’t burn body fat!’’

Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat, if not the most! A lot of people who use weight training all year round will maintain a lean physique without cardio, and they just do cardio when they really want to get very lean! Using compound exercises such as leg press, squats, deadlifts, bench press and shoulder press are very calorific intense. Therefore you burn an awful lot of calories moving resistance! Don’t let anyone tell you any different, if you want to burn fat you NEED to do some resistance training!

‘’Only high reps burn body fat!’’

Again this is very false! For sure, doing high reps on a resistance machine will burn body fat. However, using a repetition range of 8-12 is a very effective way of stimulating fat loss. The calorie expenditure to move a resistance which causes your muscles to fail between this repetition range is immense! Therefore do not discount lower repetition training, even if fat loss is the goal. In fact it is essential!

‘’You have to do reps fast to burn body fat!’’

No you don’t! Often in the summer you will groups of lads in particular swinging dumbbells all over the place. They are doing this because they think if they do reps faster, their heart rate is elevated higher therefore they burn more body fat. This may sound like solid logic, but if you take into account WHY you are using resistance training, you need to stimulate the muscle to burn body fat! By using a controlled form the contraction is much greater which in turn can lead to more calories been used! For sure, sometimes you do ‘faster’ repetitions, but never lose scope of how resistance training works and how it aids fat loss!

There are 5 very common myths surrounding the topic of fat loss and training. With so much misinformation in the fitness industry you cannot blame people for listening, however now it is time to educate people so they can avoid these common mistakes! Myth busting mission number complete!

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