Motivation Oozes!

Getting motivated to do something you may not feel completely comfortable with is easier said than done! Sometimes the best way to get motivated to is write down your goal and then find people who can help you achieve this! Here are my top 3 tips to getting motivated like never before, no bull, just plain common sense from real life experience to get you in the mood for change!

Negative people

In any walk of life you will have encountered people who want to bring you down, tell you that you cannot achieve something or make you feel upset! Embrace this and use this to fuel your fire on lazy days! Everyone gets them, I do, but when I begin to even consider being lazy I just think of everyone who wants me to fail and that gives me a good old kick up the arse!!! We all need this sometimes, and there is no better way than to think of those who doubt you! Prove them wrong, be the one who has the final laugh!

Positive people

Surrounding yourself with like minded people is one of the best ways to achieve anything in any walk of life, in my opinion! If you want to be a millionaire, you would want to mix with the Alan Sugars of the future. People who haven’t yet hit their goal, but are on the way and more importantly have that mindset to achieve it. This is exactly the same with fat loss, you need to mix with people who have committed themselves to get into shape, have found a way to do it and are in the process of achieving their goal. Maybe somebody who is just a few weeks ahead of you in progress because this will spur you on and the feedback you get will keep you going! Seeing where you could end up by emulating somebody else’s efforts is very inspiring!

Choose your goal!

Don’t stray off track, stick to your own goals and travel your very own journey! If somebody has the body you truly crave and the lifestyle to match, idolise them and learn as much as you can off them. Looking at the way somebody else enjoys their physique, the one you would choose in an ideal world is a very powerful way to stay motivated! Personally, I had several people who I aspired to look like and be like, as I have progresses I now aspire to be Adam Gethin to my best ability! This is the kind of confidence you can achieve once you stick to your guns for long enough!

There are 3 very easy to use ways in order to ensure your motivation levels always remain high! Many people will tell you many different things; these are things I personally experienced through the highs and lows of my journey up until today!

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