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Last week you were lucky enough to read from one of the most respect athletes in the health and fitness industry, Bobby Khan! Bobby has built one of the nicest male physiques around and he swears by Met-Rx supplements, and believes their products have made a massive contribution to his success along with a perfect diet, hours of intense training and dedication! Therefore I am going to outline to Bobby’s top 4 Met-Rx supplements and why they could help you achieve an awesome physique, as they have for Bobby!

Met-Rx Supreme Whey

This is the top of the range protein supplement from Met-Rx which promises to deliver on all levels a protein product should! Supreme Whey contains 20g of ultra high quality protein from whey isolate and whey concentrate. Both of these proteins are very fats digesting which means your overall rate of protein synthesis should be increased allowing for enhanced recovery and muscle growth! The carbohydrate content of Met-Rx Supreme whey is extremely low compared to other competitors with just 1.3g of sugar carbohydrates per serving! After speaking to Bobby he assured me that Supreme Whey tastes phenomenal! The chocolate one tastes absolutely sensational in your oats with some blueberries and strawberry chopped in there. The strawberry and banana ones taste lovely in a smoothie and the vanilla one is like a treat right after training!

Met-Rx Micronised Creatine

Creatine is a fantastic supplement to help promote strength and muscle size, and you heard Bobby himself tell you to use it! Met-Rx Micronised Creatine is a fantastic blend of creatines which have a massive potential to increase your ATP capacity. If you are able to increase your ATP output then it stands to reason you will have more power to lifter heavier weights, for more reps! Surely that will equate to muscle gains, it has to if you think about it logically! Met-Rx Micronised Creatine will also help you look bigger and fuller because it acts as a cell volumiser, meaning it sucks water into the muscle cell! This will also aid recovery and muscle growth as your nutrient uptake in the muscle cell is heightened!

Met-Rx BCAAs

Bobby said that you need BCAAs and here is why! Out of all the amino acids, BCAAs are the most rapidly absorbing! As you ingest your Met-Rx BCAAs approximately ¾ of them will be instantly absorbed into the muscle cell. BCAAs are able to significantly increase the overall rate of protein synthesis within your muscles leading to faster rates of recovery, growth and the power to combat catabolism! Met-Rx BCAAs are also able to provide additional muscle energy because they stimulate the production of L-Alanine, which is another amino acid which is known for its ability to support muscle energy. Seems like Bobby was right, BCAAs are absolutely essential for just about any athlete out there whatever your sport!

Met-Rx L-Glutamine

As you flick through the pages of fitness magazines and websites you will often see the amino acid L-Glutamine feature in the ‘supplements you must use’ column. Why? L-Glutamine potentially has the ability to increase your level of protein synthesis in the muscle cell and combat catabolism. It can also potentially help replenish your muscle glycogen levels post-workout, which is essential! Met-Rx L-Glutamine is a fantastic option due to the standard of Met-Rx’s line of products!


There are the top 4 Met-Rx supplements in their line from Bobby, although he does tend to use all of them to great effect! Personally, I would pick the same 4 out simply because of their standard and the fact these are all your ‘bread and butter’ supplements!

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