Max Willcocks - Fitting Exercise into a Busy Lifestyle!

Balancing work and training can be tough. Equity broking is my profession but exercise is my passion. I’m limited to very few hours during the week that I can train, so I have to make the most of them when I do.

Part of my lifestyle is to make the most of my commute, a very convenient and often quicker way to make it to the office, not to mention more pleasurable. I enjoy my morning run; I guess you have to if you are going make it out on the road at 5:40am! However it beats the hell out of anything TFL can offer! A swift 7 miles to and from work have helped me to train for several events, from 10k's to marathons to ultra marathons; 7 miles... twice a day... everyday! Its one thing to compete but I aim to be competitive, and a top 10 finish in my ultra marathon last year and top 3 finishes in my marathons prove it can be done. Strangely, my background doesn't lie in distance running; in fact it’s far removed, having been a rugby player from a young age and more akin to sprinting.

I am happy to say I’m not a natural distance runner and part of this is based on the fact I enjoy the gym. I’ve become too accustom to resistance training to want to give it all up in search for the svelte figure of a distance runner. To give you an idea, I’m 5'11 and 83kg. Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but a fair few KG's over where one might want to be to take the step to the next level as a distance runner. I have a tempestuous relationship with the gym, I hold my ideal as the lean sports cover model look. Functionally athletic and dynamic, consequently it's been a good 5 years since I’ve lifted really heavy weights and I personally favour up to 80% of body weight and mid range reps. I have the perfect setup with a gym in my building. I’m not surprised if I find myself there 5 times a week.

All the cardio keeps me pretty lean but we should all know by now that diet plays a crucial role. How many times do we hear a personal trainer in the gym tell someone that they have to change their eating habits, then never to see that client again?! I’m up at 5:15 during the week and eat almost immediately, routine is my friend and breakfast is a never changing remedy. For breakfast I will eat 20g vanilla whey protein and peanut butter on oatmeal with honey and banana, which is a great source of various fuels to get me to the office and something to get the metabolism going first thing. We all have our vices and mine happens to be in the form of finely chopped peanuts on pretty much anything. I can’t say I fuss over lunch, salad from somewhere, brown sandwich from somewhere else but I always make time for another 20g protein shake in the afternoon. I find gyming in the evening a nice wind down from the day and a great de-stresser. There’s always a wary smile on my face come Wed/Thurs evening when numbers dwindle and the ‘’Johnny-come-lately’s’’ decide that a 40 min spin class on a Monday is enough to keep them in good stead. In an attempt to keep things simple I stick to a four day cycle, chest/shoulders on one day, back another, legs then either abs or rest!

To get the most from my gym sessions I’ve been finding that PhD Nutrition do a great pre-gym V Max Pump, while the taurine and the caffeine have potential to keep me up all night, a hard days grafting at work and plenty of exercise usually wins that battle. It also contains micronised creatine, great for helping to sustain muscle mass especially with all the cardio I do. However before heading to bed and to round off the day I take a final shake. This time it is PhD Pharma Whey in a vein attempt to stave off any sore feelings the following day. It may not always work, but at least I have the fresh morning air to remind me how much I enjoy it all.

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