Max Willcocks - Broker Turns Personal Trainer (part1)!

Adam Gethin has come up with an interesting proposal. It’s a derivation on the ever typical and rather stale "transformation tale", skinny bloke becomes 'stacked', fat bloke becomes skinny; we've seen a plethora of these stories before. This idea is slightly different, something that takes the idea and delves a little deeper and if done properly provides a second perspective on the motivation, the training, the dieting and shows what it takes to encourage these changes to happen. The premonition is this, that one of the pair takes it upon themselves to help motivate and educate a friend, work colleague... random from the gym!!! This is with aim to achieve a transformation based on the mutual training and routines they put together. It's all very "She's all the" (rubbish late 1990's movie where Freddie Prinze Jr transforms a wilting high school girl into prom Queen) but none the less genuinely interesting!

 I train a lot, eat well and enjoy making some of the sacrifices required to stay in good shape. I work full time; I’m at my desk at 7am and leave at 6pm, usually to meet clients for an hour before heading home. Considering the constraints I have to work around, personally I think I manage pretty well. So who is my guinea pig, the ying to my yang for the next 12 weeks? It would be unreasonable and probably unjustifiable to choose someone who didn’t live in a similar vein to myself. I have the perfect candidate. You may chuckle to yourself but I shall only refer to him by his nick name, so I’m pleased to introduce "The Bulge". You literally can’t make this up!! This chap is a very good friend of mine who works in the financial world. To give you an idea, he's also a broker, which for those that don’t know is basically a salesman.... with an expense account! The name of the game is client relationships and business liaisons. Lunches, dinners, the odd nightclub that comes up with a funny name on the bank statement to hide its true disposition. Perfect, he works similar hours, has the mentality for it but seriously lacks the motivation. We exchange emails, IM's and texts daily, we've made many an arrangement to meet at the gym on an early Saturday/Sunday morning... he's never shown up! In fact last weekend I rang him at 8am only to find he was casually trying to pass off his tired voice on his heavy work week, rather than the truth which was the fact he had been out and was yet to make it to bed. So for those of you who don't have all the time in the world to train, who don’t live in a gym and who don’t resist the temptation to shovel down a pizza on the weekend, then perhaps these updates might be of some interest to you. If we can do it then there's certainly nothing stopping anyone else.

So with this in mind we will be holding our first meeting tonight, so we're heading to the war room aka Nandos to knock out some training, diet and motivational plans. On the list is going to be how we fit gym sessions around work, the ways to work cardio into the routine to drop fat without preventing muscle growth too much and of course the obligatory supplement conversation. The last thing you can claim is this going to be is easy, so stay tuned.

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