Max Willcocks - Battle of the 'Bulge' (part 2)

"It all starts tomorrow". In the world of health and fitness these are probably the most commonly uttered worlds amongst the general masses, bar none. I’m not talking about the rowers who will brave a December cold to train on the river, the runners who look at a rain storm and think 'it wont last for long' or the gym goers who find themselves outside their gym at 6:30am wondering why it won’t open earlier!! "It all starts tomorrow" is the excuse that the greater masses use to delay their routines and this is the problem I’ve had with my friend, the ‘Bulge.’

 Well, tomorrow is today... if that makes sense. We delayed the start of our training by a week, social events and lack of will power when not under the watchful eyes of the powers that be dictated that it was for the best. So to start with we've set goals. Some small, some large but all attainable. The goal between the two of us is athleticism, to increase lean muscle mass, drop down to a low body fat and to make sure that we are aerobically fit. This is a pretty utilitarian view, the wish list of most 'everyday gymer'. We've entered a couple of races to see how we're getting on and sorted a target weight. When we can accompany this with a picture we'll be more expansive with weight but won’t bore you with it for now. The first week has been more blood and sweat than it has technique and form, I’m a strong believer that sometimes you just have to get in the gym and shift iron and the secrets of 'ways' and 'how’s' are less important for now.

 Most importantly though we established a diet. Anyone in the sport or gym world will tell you that nutrition is about 70% of the battle, I had a maths teacher who used to always say 'you put shit in, you'll get shit out'. Ill tell you now my long division is still ropey but my diet is near perfect. Eating first thing when we get up to get the metabolism going is imperative. Breakfast typically makes allowances for wholemeal toast & peanut butter or wholewheat cereals and a shake. It takes a lot to make your own meals and bring them to work, and not always necessary when you have so many sandwich/salad bars in the city. Just make sure you're specific with your order, and NEVER leave it till you’re starving to get your order in, your eyes are always bigger than your belly. Seeing as we're focusing on cardio as well, there's no reason to try to avoid carbs at any time of the day. We all know that a Cadbury’s dairy milk isn't a substitute for a ProMax bar and that BBQ walkers crisps aren't the same as lean red meat. Golden rule- DONT KID YOURSELF. The important thing is that we're under way and have got the motivation going, the first step is always the hardest. Myself and the ‘Bulge’ have a 10k in 30 days. Our aim is to run it in under 40 minutes. At the same time we'll still be focusing on resistance work.

Please stay tuned for a picture or two and some more details on the routines we have detailed for one another. Motivating my friend is going to be a continual battle. Let’s hope some of this hot weather, and a nice side wager on our race keeps him on the right track.

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