Maija Kivela Success Continues. . . .

One goal achieved, now looking forward to the next . . . .

Many people ask when I decided to compete and when I started to train for that. I find that funny because I never (until now) have been training for a competition, just for myself because that is the way of my life. My friend told me I should go for a competition and I was thinking why not and entered for fitness Britain. Before that first competition nothing changed in my training and nutrition because I always eat the same and I always train at the same intensity. I did not have any expectations and just wanted to see what kind of event it was.  That morning before competition I was so full of enthusiasm and I just wanted to experience something new. I was happy and relaxed no pressure or nerves at all. And I think that is why I managed to show my best on the stage and place 1st.

After my competition the feeling was amazing and I was so happy to get sponsorship with!  Now I know what I really want to do and started to make a plan . . . . And the biggest dream of my plan is to reach pro level. Maybe one day when my physic is ready for that. First I need to get more experience and that is why I entered for FAME UK Championships in bikini and fitness model category. I kept my diet and training very strict as always and I was ready for the show...again without pressure. I really enjoyed the day and had so much fun and I felt very natural at the stage. During the trophy presentation I could not believe I won 1st place in bikini, I was extremely happy. 

Next few months is going to be hard core training to improve my weak parts of the body. And hopefully by the end of the year I will be ready for Las Vegas! Now there are two important goals ...September Fitness British finals and Fame world championships in December. It will be very interesting to see the people from all around the world with amazing physiques and it will be a big challenge for me!

However, there is still time for that and now I need to focus on today; there will be a few photo shoots which I have to get ready for. It is wonderful to have a photo shoot with Michael Palmer! I really like his work and I am sure the pictures will be great.  So now it is time to burn my Sunday cakes and chocolate brownies that I had after my contest!

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