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Over the past couple of years I have written endless programs and diets for a lot of ladies to follow and they have all enjoyed varying levels of success. Simply put, the ones who stuck to it got great results and the ones who didn’t stick to it failed! No surprises there then! However, one common misconception which I had to overcome with every lady I wrote a diet for was that eating 5 small meals a day wouldn’t make them fat and that jogging isn’t the best form of cardio for fat loss! Here are some pointers I would like to make clear for our female audience from my own experiences!

It is OK to eat!

I genuinely sympathise with women who read these fashion magazines full of models who are like celery sticks, because they then feel the pressure to look like that. The simple fact of the matter is these models are neither healthy or are they attractive! Having a toned, slim figure is much more appealing and an awful lot more healthy for you in the long run as well as today! Therefore I would insist you eat 5 small solid portions of food a day, with a balance of lean protein, slow burning carbohydrates and some healthy fats for your first 4 meals of the day! Thereafter, for your evening meal I would swap the slow burning carbohydrates with lots of fibrous carbohydrates instead to limit wasted energy. The logic behind this is that your metabolism will be running faster because of your frequent eating intervals, and the nutrients you are eating help promote fat loss through several pathways!

Protein, ‘Why?’

As I am into training and building muscle a lot of women I help sometimes feel in the beginning I am giving them a diet to make gains like myself! When you mention protein they tend to worry because they associate it with muscle ‘mass’! For sure, I wouldn’t recommend a lady who wants to tone up to eat 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, but perhaps as much as 1g! If you follow my advice you will be weight training as well as doing low impact cardio, therefore your body will need this protein to help rebuild the muscle tissue. Maintaining a good level of lean muscle tissue will help burn body fat because it requires a lot of calories just to maintain! Protein is also essential for fat loss because it helps stabilise your blood sugar levels, which is vital if you are going to burn body fat!

Carbohydrates, ‘really?’

Most women are ‘carbophobs’ because they are portrayed in these glossy magazines as detrimental to your figure! This is not the case; you just have to know what the right form of carbohydrates! Slow burning carbohydrates like brown rice, brown pasta, porridge and sweet potato are all excellent! Carbohydrates are responsible for speeding up your metabolism, so don’t sweat it, just don’t take any in after 4:00PM and you will be fine!

Fats, ‘now you’re just getting silly!!!’

Healthy fats play a very big role in fat loss and here is why my lady friend! Healthy fats help the body to metabolise stored body fat as an energy source, which basically means over time your body fat percentage will decrease. If you were to starve your body of healthy fats then it may be that your body will be more inclined to hold on to your stored body fat, because it doesn’t want to let go of what you are not giving! So you have to give your body fats with one hand, and take it away with the other!

There is a guide for our female readers as to why we tell you to eat the way we do! Crash dieting is not a solution, it is a ‘stop gap’ and it has a very short life! This way of eating is both sustainable and healthy for you, so what are you waiting for?


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