Ladies, Build Your 'Butt' With Maija Kivela!

Dreaming about a toned and curvy sexy butt?  No worries believe me, you can make it!  With training and nutrition you can finally achieve what you have always wanted.

I am a Scandinavian girl who naturally has quite a straight skinny body. Personally, I always had a small and flat butt... I was the girl thinking can I ever get nice shaped curvy bikini body...And finally, thanks to all my hard work I can now see the results!!! It is like designing...Thinking what exercises you should do more of and how to improve the weak parts of your body.

I have the type of body which loses muscle easily and just gets skinny so I try to avoid long duration cardio. Instead I concentrate training hard with weights, sprinting and plyometric training. So basically I am trying to shock my muscles by using different methods, using my legs and buttocks different ways to maximise the muscle stimulation!

Exercises I find the best and have provided the best results for me are deep Squats, walking lunges, one leg lunge or incline lunge, sumo squat, jump squat, step up, Romanian dead lift, Bulgarian split squats or one leg press.  I train lower body twice a week and vary the exercises every few weeks.  My target every time is to get that little bit of soreness so I know I have really used my muscles and that it is working.

And do not forget stretching!  That helps with circulation and good circulation helps with cellulite. Long stretches for problem areas will improve the flexibility and circulation and at help eliminate cellulite.  Stretching also helps to improve your muscle size. If the tissues around the muscles are really tight they might limit the amount of space your muscles have to grow.  So it really is an important part of training. That also helps to avoid injuries and soreness after a hard training session.

The most challenging thing is to keep the curves even when the fat percentage is low. To do this you have to make sure when dieting that nutrition is varied and you will get enough protein to avoid muscle loss.  Always when dieting, your nutrition should be well planned to make sure you will get everything you need and keep your body healthy.

So now all you have to do is get in the the gym and train your ‘butt’ off!!!

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