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June has flown by! Whether or not it is because I am getting older or because I am dieting I couldn’t say, but the summer months seem to be passing at a blistering pace! What this does mean of course is that it is time for our first official ‘’article of the month’’ winner to be named! First of all, I want to share with you guys some of the principles we have used to judge the winner so you can take this into consideration for our July competition!


The article doesn’t have to talk about ways to motivate yourself, but it should leave the reader ‘pumped’ and motivated. The best way to achieve this is to relate your article to real life situations you have been through and are going through! This could be your struggle to get all your meals in, not feeling like training 5:00AM in the morning or anything else for that matter. By letting people know they are not the only ones dealing with these feelings it will help them no end!!! Often you can feel as if you are the only one in the country trying to be healthy. Take an average office of 20 people, probably 2/3 of them will be genuinely health conscious, therefore it can feel like a lonely journey. Make your articles relevant to the average ‘Joe’ in order to motivate!


Making the article exciting and encouraging the reader to laugh whilst reading always puts you on to a winner! Remember, people enjoy learning through fun activities! Why do most people get bored in school? Class room teaching can be very tedious, and there are better ways to learn than just reading thousands of long words all day! Make the reader laugh!


Above all else the content of your material needs to have an educational point to it! This could be showing the reader why you train a certain way to achieve certain results, or why you follow a specific diet. Education is key, as we say ‘knowledge is power’ therefore we need to empower as many of our readers as possible with good solid knowledge!

There you guys have the outline of what we are looking for from the content you submit! This month we have had some diamond content, but now it is the moment of truth. Who has won? This has been a very touch decision to make; there were 2 in particular which really stood out this month for 2 very different reasons. However, a decision had to be made and FitMag June ‘’article of the month’’ was written by Max Willcocks! The article, ‘’Max Willcocks – Broker Turns Personal Trainer’’ was loaded with humorous, motivation and educational words which is hard to beat! Congratulations to Max, he will now be able to choose a FREE tub of protein off MonsterSupplements.com!

Congratulations to all of the other writers who submitted content as well, they were all very good and we are very pleased to have you all on FitMag! Each of them are enjoying their 10% discounts on all of their orders with Monstersupplements.com! Role on July, can somebody better Max or will he win again?

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