How Far Will You Go?

What is motivation? Having enough drive to go to the gym when you should, eat when you should and take your supplements? That’s what I would call ‘idealistic motivation’ because there is no reason why you shouldn’t stick to those goals with a little motivation and planning. To me, real motivation is having the mindset to achieve your goal no matter what obstacle presents itself in front of you! Here is a motivational story for anybody, whether you want to embrace the positivity to remain motivated to do your school work, training career or anything else. The same principles apply!

                John Quinlan is an ex-wrestling superstar who was coached by wrestling legend Brutus the Barber Beefcake! Following his career as a professional wrestler John got involved in fitness modelling and MMA. Today he still has a deep interest in both!

                For the last 12 weeks John has been preparing for the MuscleMania Model Universe Show which is just one week away, however, 3 weeks ago something happened which would stop 99% of people pursuing their goals. John severely tore his hamstring, which is one of the most painful injuries anybody can experience, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Well maybe I would, but you get the message! For those who may not understand the severity of this injury, it would be painful to walk with a niggle in the hamstring area, and damn right near impossible with a torn hamstring! My point is John could have stepped away from his preparation with a clear conscious that there is nothing he could do about it, but he didn’t! Against all the odds John has maintained his nutrition programme, supplement plan and trained where possible. As a result he is going to be stepping on the stage, as planned, in one week!!

                Whilst I cannot advocate doing the same if you experienced the same injury, what I can advocate is John’s attitude. I feel in the USA people’s attitude on the whole tends to be slightly more driven and I think that is something we can really learn from! John has displayed a true champion’s ambition by continuing with his preparation and I wanted you to know about it. This isn’t to boost John’s ego, he’s not that kind of dude. Instead it is to show you what some people will do in order to realise their goals. Training with a torn hamstring and doing your cardio sounds painful doesn’t it? All of a sudden, not having enough time to prepare your meals because you fancied an extra 30 minutes in bed sounds a bit feeble of an excuse don’t you think? Learn from this champion and take your motivation to the next level! If this doesn’t motivate you, then I think you may need to reconsider your goals as an athlete!

                Thank you for the inspiration John! By looking up to people who stare the pains of life directly in the face we can always find inspiration and courage in your actions! Thankfully, FitMag readers are the ones who get to learn this important lesson!

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