Healthy ''Ice Cream'' for the Summer!

There is nothing more annoying and upsetting for an athlete who has spent months dieting to get ripped for that moment of glory, walking on the beach topless, and to be craving for an ice cream at the seaside with your friends and family. Everyone else is raiding the whippy van and you only have your next chicken and rice meal to look forward to. Well not anymore, there is a genuine delicious replacement for ice cream which most athletes can indulge in at least a couple of times a week! This article is going to explain to you why this summer you should enjoy frozen natural yogurt as a direct replacement to ice cream!

Zero fat frozen natural yoghurt shares the same texture, taste and consistency as some of the yummiest ice creams, making it a mouth watering treat for you without the drawbacks of a cheat meal. I should know, I used to sell plenty of it!

First of all, zero fat frozen yoghurt contains an abundance of healthy antioxidants and vitamins which are essential in maintaining a healthy and efficient body. To add to this, just like milk, frozen yoghurt is loaded with Calcium which is of huge benefit to any athlete. As the story goes, Calcium doesn’t only promote healthy bones it also has a positive impact on the neuro transmissions between your brain and muscles which is absolutely critical to muscle growth. This is because if there is a poor relationship between your brain and muscles your muscular contractions are very weak which means that it can be more difficult for you to stimulate much muscular hypertrophy. Therefore eating zero fat frozen yoghurt can potentially be excellent for promoting muscle growth.

In terms of taste, as mentioned before it is simply sensational! However, you can easily enhance your frozen yoghurt eating experience by adding a few spoonfuls of frozen berries on top. You can also blend frozen yoghurt with frozen fruits and even some protein powder to make a refreshing, muscle feeding cocktail. Zero fat frozen yoghurt comes in a whole range of flavours as well, just as ice cream does which makes it even easier to eat simply because you can always find a flavour to suit you.

As a word of caution, be careful of the sugar carbohydrate content in some zero fat frozen yoghurt. There are plenty which contain an ‘acceptable’ amount, but some are loaded with sugar carbohydrates to compensate for the zero fat element, don’t get caught with this!

This summer you should certainly eat zero fat frozen natural yoghurt this summer to substitute ice cream. It’s just as tasty, yet it bears all of the great nutritional values of a top quality food.

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