Have Fun in the Sun with Cardio!

This time of the year the Sun gives us the pleasure of gracing us with its presence; therefore we should make the most of it and enjoy it! Cardio can be very tedious, especially as your transformation progresses and you have to do large volumes! Low impact cardio is very highly rated for fat burning, and it is my first choice of cardio exercise for fat loss. However, ultra high impact cardio can also be very beneficial, takes a fraction the time and it is certainly more fun! Here are 3 very fun ways to blast your fat stores this summer whilst been out in the sun!

Hill Sprints

Head down to the beach or park and do hill sprints! If possible, do it on the beach sand banks because cardio on sand is more taxing. It causes your core to work harder and it requires more effort to move fast. Therefore it stands to reason it will stimulate the expenditure of more calories. To get a good fat burning workout done, sprint up the bank or hill, walk straight back down and take 30 seconds rest. Continuously do this for 10 minutes and you will be gasping for air not to mention the fact you will be leaking sweat like a hole in a roof! As your transformation progresses, you can take a 2-3 minute break after the first 10 minute workout and then do another 5 minute workout!

Stairs Running

You could say this is similar to hill sprints, except the fact that you have to negotiate steps all the way up and all the way back down! This form of cardio isn’t just great for burning body fat it is also a fantastic way for conditioning your glutes, quads and hamstrings. To make this interesting, I would advise sprinting up the flight of stairs, walking back down, then jogging up and walking back down, and then walking up and walking back down. Make that one set and do 10 sets and you will be really feeling that! By constantly alternating the intensity it keeps the body guessing and this can be very good for promoting fat loss!


Cycling is a fantastic form of cardio because anybody can do it (even if you need stabilisers!!!) and you can choose the intensity you train at. You could go for a 30 cycle at a low intensity, making it an ideal low impact cardio workout. However, you could go for a cycle and sprint for 20 seconds, then back off, and repeat every minute for 10 minutes. Again by doing this your heart rate will be changing all the time which will keep the body guessing!

There are 3 very fun ways to do cardio out in the sun this summer! I would never advise doing this over low impact cardio all of the time, but doing a couple of workouts each week like this could really help with your progress, plus it will also keep it more entertaining for you! To make it more fun, try getting a training partner to do this because with high impact cardio you can make it more competitive!

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