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Sometimes there is nothing more frustrating for seasoned trainers than a bunch of newbie’s joining the gym and upsetting the cycle where it may affect their training. However it is not the new people’s fault, it is simply a lack of understanding and something which you can learn really quick. It is called ‘gym etiquette.’ This article in a nutshell is for people just starting out as a bodybuilder, who need to understand the ropes of the gym in relation to others in there and how to treat them.

          As mentioned earlier experienced bodybuilders can get very frustrated when novices join a gym and begin to upset the atmosphere with antics which quite frankly aren’t tolerated in any half decent gym. 

          Rule number one has to be respect. Respect the fact that a gym is a gym and to treat in such a way. Basically this means to go to the gym to train opposed to socialise with your mates. This is an issue for experienced bodybuilders because you are essentially blocking the use of machines or weights and if you’re sat there chatting for 5-10 minutes between sets then you’re going to rub a few people up the wrong way. This is completely understandable as these guys put in so much dedication therefore they can do without clowns interfering with their training when they themselves are not training correctly. Rule number one is to not wind others up by yapping for ages between sets, sitting there on your mobile or anything else which replicates a night in the pub essentially.

          If someone is on a machine you want, don’t just stand around them until they are done. Again this will only antagonize them, instead ask politely how many sets they have left and if it’s ok for you to use it next.

          Make sure you tidy up after yourself, putting the weights away and wipe the machines down as well! Again, this is simply a case of showing respect for the place you train in and the people around you.

          When you go to the gym be positive and refrain from strutting around using bad language and looking aggressive. There is absolutely no need for this, and by helping others you are not only giving a good impression of yourself, but of the entire fitness community. Remember, a lot of people dislike guys who weight train because so many can come across egotistical and aggressive, so make an effort not to be one of these guys! Smile at people, be respectful and you will find people in general are a lot more receptive towards you!

          The underlying common denominator here is respect! Respect everybody in the gym, don’t walk around on your phone or hog machines whilst you chat. By doing this you will often find that you may become friends with other like minded people, learn off them and perhaps be lucky enough to train with them. Overall, respect the gym and the people who love it as much as you do!

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