Go Goji Berries!!!

It isn’t every day that you read about a ‘new’ food which is genuinely in a league of its own for more reasons than one. Well today is one of those days and you are going to learn about Goji berries, which have been shown to be hugely beneficial to your general health as well as your gains as a bodybuilder or athlete alike. This article is going to outline the many benefits of adding Goji berries to your nutrition plan and in turn prove why you NEED them.

First and foremost the general health benefits of regularly eating Goji berries are immense to say the least! In comparison to other foods on a world scale, these ‘wonder’ berries have the most vitamin C in them! Vitamin C is excellent for keeping your body in great shape, perhaps the most important vitamin. It does this by limiting free radicals in your blood stream which are indeed detrimental to your overall health. To add this, vitamin C helps you in from a bodybuilding point of view by increasing the gulf between your Cortisol and testosterone levels which in turn makes you more anabolic leading to extra lean muscle gains as well as the ability to burn more body fat. Goji berries are also LOADED with antioxidants, and that is no exaggeration. Goji berries score a mind boggling 25,300 on the official scale which determines the strength of the antioxidant capacity of any particular food. To put this into perspective prunes are rated very highly and score just 5,770! So Goji berries are nearly 5 times as effective and powerful on this front. This basically means that these ‘super’ berries are able to neutralize free radicals like nothing else.

To add to this, Goji berries contain a polysaccharide which significantly stimulates the release of Human Growth Hormone. As a result, you can expect Goji berries to support fat loss as well as maintain muscle mass and promote recovery.

Other key benefits to using Goji berries include healthier blood sugar levels, lowered cholesterol levels as well as an overall health boost. These berries are then truly phenomenal and something which you absolutely need to have in your nutritional plan. Forget other berries, use Goji berries and begin to reap the many rewards straight away. Goji berries are also low in calories, just 110 per 1/3 of a cup which is nothing, especially when these are quality calories without any fat. Another pointer you may like to consider is that Goji berries contain 18 amino acids, which of course are absolutely vital for building as well as maintaining muscle mass. Everything you could want from a berry then, what are you waiting for?!

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