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Energy is something you have so much of in your early teens, you can play football in the garden all day and night! However, as you get that little bit older and into your 20s, you start working, maybe you have a girlfriend and all of a sudden having the energy to workout isn’t always there. Sure, a coffee can get you so far, but do really get into the zone when you don’t feel like it a strong stimulant formula is needed! USP Jack3d is an awesome supplement to use if you need an instant ‘pick up’, and now you can learn how it is so potent!

USP Jack3d is loaded with top quality stimulants to really get your mind into overdrive and ready to train! These ingredients include Geranium, Schizandrol A, arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate and Methylxanthines. These key components of USP Jack3d are all very strong and powerful stimulants. As a result your mind to muscle connection is greatly enhanced due to the stimulation of your CNS (Central Nervous System)! Your overall alertness and mental strength is also enhanced, meaning that you are both mentally and physically primed for the workout of your life, every day! Of course, the addition of an arginine variant means that you will experience skin bursting muscle pumps! Getting more blood into the muscle isn’t just good for the ego; it also increases your energy levels and rate of recovery because there is more nutrients and oxygen available in the muscle cell!

USP Jack3d also contains a great combination of ingredients which are best known for their ability to stimulate muscle output! These include Beta Alanine, Carnosine and of course Creatine Monohydrate. Together, these ingredients maximise your overall power, endurance and strength as well as enhancing the fullness of your muscles!

Overall, you could say USP Jack3d is an extremely potent stimulant which holds the potential to take your workouts to new heights. Your overall strength, endurance and energy levels will rise through the roof using Jack3d! It contains some new unique ingredients which make it unlike a lot of other pre-workout formulas, hence its reputation for getting you ‘jacked’!!! With all of that been said, I would say this supplement is perfect for anybody who needs a lift if they find they struggle with their energy levels. However, don’t be tempted to take more than USP advise because it is very strong, therefore you won’t sleep for a week if you take too much!!!

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