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One of the biggest things I advocate with eating is making it taste damn GOOD! Why people eat dry tuna and dry white rice everyday for weeks I don’t know?! Back in the day that used to be me, with people questioning my logic and all I could say was ‘it is healthy!’ Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t but it helped me get to where I am today. Saying that, I needn’t have bothered, I could have had meals oozing with flavour and bursting with muscle building nutrients which had no ‘guilt factor’ attached to them! Here is a short list of foods I think you should add to your meals, which you can do with a clear conscience. As you know, certain foods are more suitable for certain times of the day therefore I have broken them down for you in separate groups!

Breakfast foods

Fruit – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, kiwis, mango, raisins.

Fruit is often ridiculed in the health and fitness world because of their natural sugar content. This is right to a degree because whether the sugars are ‘natural’ or not they can still stimulate fat gains! However, you will notice that the fruits I have listed are all ‘sugary’ which is deliberate. In the morning a little sugar from your fruit is good because it helps get your blood sugar levels balanced, and spikes your insulin levels which you need to promote fat loss, and promote the retention of muscle tissue. The reason I pick fruit as the sugar source for breakfast is because of the natural vitamin and mineral goodness it offers, which is key to promoting overall health and efficient immune function! Fruits also taste great which is the point of this article! Scattering some berries or pineapple over an omelette or microwaving your berries in with your oats adds so much flavour you couldn’t possibly call breakfast ‘boring’ or ‘bland’ anymore!

Dairy – dairy is the second worse swear word in nutrition after fruit in terms of sugar content, so you could say I am ‘foul mouthed!’ However, I firmly believe that low fat natural pro-biotic yoghurt is absolutely great as part of a healthy diet, and it shouldn’t impinge on your fat loss as long as you use it at the right time of the day! Per 100g, there are roughly 10g of sugar carbohydrates in low fat natural yoghurt which is quite high. However, having it during breakfast should be fine because your body can cope with a little sugar here! In terms of taste, flavoured natural yoghurt is mouth watering and if you combine in with a little fruit from above, you really have a delicious start to the day! The pro-biotic component of natural yoghurt is very important to me, because it really does help with healthy digestion. With the amount of food us athletes eat, surely this has to be a priority to ensure food isn’t left sitting around for too long inside!

Day time foods –

Chopped salad foods – tomatoes, red onions, green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, mushrooms, avocado.

As part of my diet the above foods will feature massively in my diet! They all contain fantastic healthy benefitting minerals, antioxidants and minerals yet they are all very low in bad calories! It is ‘bad’ calories which I keep out of my diet, and I don’t worry about the amount of ‘good’ calories I ingest from foods like these. Avocado may surprise some people because it has a lot of fat, but in a 100g serving it only contains 1g of saturated fat which won’t kill you! It contains an abundance of healthy fats which help promote fat LOSS and it is also a fantastic source of dietary fibre, which goes along way to suppressing hunger and supporting healthy digestion! The other reason I choose these foods in particular is because of convenience! Like you, I don’t have loads of time to prepare my food which is why these foods are perfect, simply because they take seconds to cut up and throw in with your meat on the grill or in the pan!

Nuts – cashews, almonds, peanuts,

Nuts are mainly known for their healthy fat content, but they do also contain saturated fats! However, by having just 20g of them chopped up and sprinkled over your meal or even cooked with your food adds so much flavour and texture, without many drawbacks!

Evening foods –

Dairy (again) – low fat cottage cheese is an excellent dairy product which is enriched with Casein protein! This makes it an ideal choice of food for later on in the evening, and it also has a lovely creamy texture to it! It tastes fantastic mixed with other foods like salad, tuna, and pineapple and even with brown toast! Depending on your dietary needs and goals, combing low fat cottage cheese with other foods makes for a wonderful guilt free, muscle building food!

The ‘salad foods’ listed above are also all suitable for the evening, and I would advise that you do indeed have a range of those foods with every one of your meals!

There you have a list of foods you know you can enjoy on a fat loss diet, with a guilt-free conscious! There is not excuse to eat bland and boring food because ALL of the foods listed in this guide take a matter of seconds to prepare ready to eat!

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