Focus, Focus, Focus!

Mental focus is sometimes the difference between a grueling training session and a social get together in the gym. Too many people all too often go to the gym with a similar mindset as to when they are going to the pub. This in turn means that the focus on the muscles which are being trained is lacking. Of course your growth is hampered. Learn to change this, channel your mind to get what you need to get out of your workouts!

          When you get into your car to set out for the gym your mental focus must be tuned in. You must be thinking through and through the session your about to complete and the pain you desire from it. In reality to make the most of each and every training session you have to want the agony for every minute whilst in the gym. Therefore this requires an aggressive mindset so that when you pull into the car park your agitated, you’re itching to get in the gym to warm up and throw some serious weight about. Compare this vision to casually walking around the gym deciding what to do next. As you can see this Spartan like approach to training will yield much bigger gains and you will be surprised just how hard you can train by altering the way you hit the gym. Carrying forward this thought process into the gym can be the difference between you dropping out of a set, or getting nasty and becoming savage enough to get those vital few last repetitions which you didn’t really know you had left. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating you walk into reception with a ‘face of thunder’ and a bad attitude. Instead I mean zone in on that ability to ‘turn on’ that aggression button during your sets!

          From a scientific point of view it has been known that by visualising something happening you have a much better chance of succeeding. For example, telling yourself you’re going to scream out 10 reps with 50kg dumbbells on incline bench instead of the usual 5, and getting yourself hyped hours before training means you are much more likely to make it happen. In effect, as far as your mind is concerned it has already happened. Furthermore by increasing your mental focus on the heavy task in hand, the communication between your brain and muscles improves which allows for better contractions and more intense training. This obviously doesn’t do any harm to your campaign chasing bigger muscles.

          Something I often do to avoid people asking me too many questions during training is wear headphones. I always have my Ipod on, this way people are instantly deterred from approaching you. There is nothing I love more than to help people, and whilst I am having my post-workout shake I will offer all the advice I can at the end. However, unless someone is joining me in a session, I focus on my sets and that’s it. So should you!

          Now you can see exactly why mental focus is so important to a truly hardcore session in the gym. It is time you did yourself a favor and got your value from your supplements, food, fuel, gym membership and put yourself in a place where you can blitz your body with a workout from hell. Maintain this attitude every time you go into the gym and enjoy some astonishing improvements. Maybe the most effective way to make sure you complete such an intense session is put yourself in a very uncomfortable position mentally, believing that if you do not push yourself something undesirable will happen or a dream of yours wont come true. Some would call this sadistic but if that’s what it takes, do it!

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