Extreme Sports Super Feature (part3) - Training

As the third and final part of the extreme sports super feature we are going to cover some of the best ways for an extreme athlete to stay in peak condition. This doesn’t necessarily mean aesthetically, this means maximising their performance out on a dirt track, conditioning their body t cope with more intensity!


Obviously racing for around half an hour continuously is a cardiovascular sport, therefore it is vital that as an extreme athlete you optimise your cardiovascular capacity. Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise for extreme athletes to do, but I wouldn’t just focus on this. Cycling is very good because it helps develop leg power and strength which is key when you are standing up and down on a motocross bike or downhill bike! Your muscles will become conditioned to long duration exercise and your body will soon increase the level of oxygenated blood it can pump into the muscles. As a result you should feel less tired during the race and less achy in your muscles!

Cardiovascular plan

Jogging 30 minutes 3 times a week

Cycling 1 ½ hours twice a week



By now we have established that your core does an awful lot of work out there on the track therefore it makes sense to increase its strength and endurance! When I used to race motocross I would religiously do 2,000 sit ups a NIGHT! This was to get ripped more than stay fit BUT I did notice my core endurance was off the scale! Therefore working your core is a very important part of being an extreme athlete.

Core training plan

500 sit ups 3 times a week (break each session into blocks of 100 sit ups)

300 broom handle twists every other day


Resistance training

Using resistance training can also help improve your overall muscular endurance done right! This is certainly not directed towards hypertrophy training, but simply to condition the muscles to cope with the bumps and jumps of a track and the lactic acid build up!

Resistance training plan

Kettlebell thrusts

Kettlebell squats

Kettlebell deadlifts

Perform this circuit twice a week, completing 25-35 repetitions per exercise for 3 circuits with no rest between exercises!


There is a great outline for any extreme athlete to follow and maximise their physical condition out on the track! Remember, if your muscles are in tip top shape along with your cardiovascular system then you are less prone to picking up injuries, tiring during a race or getting run down!

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