Extreme Sports Super Feature (part 2) - Nutrition

Pat 2 of our extreme sports super feature is going to concentrate on eating as an extreme athlete! Amateur extreme athletes don’t tend to take so much care with their diet as perhaps they should! At the end of the day you are an athlete and you are what you eat. If you are eating poor food choices then it stands to reason your performance on the track won’t be so impressive!

Before I go on to what you should eat, here a few reasons why an extreme athlete should eat a proper diet!


Motocross racing is one of the most physically demanding sports I have ever done therefore it stands to reason your muscles will also feel this way. Feeding your muscles the correct nutrients in order to recover is vital, and this could be the difference between avoiding serious injury when you crash and not!


After 18 laps your forearms begin to burn like crazy and so do your abdominals! This is because your body is scoffing the calories within your body and the physical demand your body is placed under is causing muscle stimulation. Eating good healthy foods will increase your energy and it should give you the capacity to push yourself that bit further towards the end of the race!


Eating energising clean healthy food certainly maximises your focus. Out there on the track where there are 40 other bikes or so it is so important you have your mind on the game at all times! One slip up could cost you several places or even worse, an injury!

So what food should an extreme athlete be eating? Well, this is all about maximising performance therefore aesthetics are not really an issue. However, eating healthy will help you get lean and stay lean if that is something you do care about. Below is a sample diet for an extreme athlete throughout the week.

Breakfast – 70g oats, sliced banana, 2 chopped strawberries, handful of blueberries, 1 scoop of chocolate or vanilla multi-blend protein.

Mid morning – wholemeal pita bread, scrambled egg (1 egg, 5 egg whites), tomatoes and salad.

Lunch - 70g (dry weight) brown pasta, 150g white fish, broccoli, and stir fried veg.

Mid afternoon – 250g sweet potato, lean pork steak, greens.

Supper (post training) – 300g baked potato, 150g lean steak, greens, and kiwi fruit.

Before bed – 100g low fat cottage cheese, 50g chopped pineapple.

This is a diet for an average extreme athlete throughout the week, working on the basis that they practice their sport or go to the gym in the evening. On race day, this diet wouldn’t necessarily work because they do a lot of heats during the day and this means they wouldn’t want a lot of food sat in their stomach during the race! Therefore on race day it would be wise to plan your meals right after each race finishes and swap your carbohydrates for basmati rice, white pasta, baked potato and even some fruit salads with kiwi fruit, pineapple, banana and berries.

By eating a healthy balanced diet like this you should experience far less muscle soreness! There are quite a lot of healthy fats in this diet which are essential for maximising aerobic capacity and protecting your joints, obviously a weak point in a lot of extreme athlete’s body’s! Your energy levels for race day should also be excellent! Extremists get in the supermarket and get your diet on track!!!

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