Eggs - Nature's Most Perfect Food!

Eggs nature's most perfect food.

Plentiful, inexpensive, easy to prepare in thousands of ways, and loaded with vitamins. One of the best protein sources on the planet. One three of the four scientific scales for protein quality used in the past few decades eggs consistently score highest in the quality of their protein, beating milk, beef, whey and soy.

Why are they so good?
- contain all 9 essential amino acids.
- loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help your eyes, brain, and your heart.
- A great source of Choline.

Choline is an essential nutrient for good health, essential for cardiovascular health and brain function and for health of your cell membranes. It's an essential part of a phospholipid called phosphatidylcholine. Without adequate amounts, both fat an cholesterol accumulate in the liver. What?!? I hear your say, eggs needed to reduce cholesterol accumulation. Eggs are avoided because people are afraid of the cholesterol, yet the choline in egg yolk actually helps prevent it.

Choline also forms a metabolite in the body (betaine), helping lower homocysteine, a risk factor of heart disease. Choline is also needed for the synthesis of acetylcholine, critical for memory and thought; adequate levels in the brain are believed to protect against certain types of dementia. Eggs like fish are truly brain food!

Key Point
Egg yolks are good for you! According to the Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating 'no research has ever shown that people who eat more eggs have more heart attacks than people who eat few eggs'. People vary widely in their response to dietary cholesterol, and the effects of eggs on your health can't be predicted by the amount of cholesterol they contain. So do yourself a favour, stop eating just the whites! The yolk is part of the package.

Best way to eat them
Raw, poached or boiled. Because the less you scramble or expose the yolk to oxygen, the less the cholesterol gets oxidised. However, it is better to eat them scrambled than not eat them at all.

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