Ed Cole's Terrific Transformation!

Back in 2008 I was a very unhealthy, overweight person, I would play computer games all the time, and my fitness level was 0. Being 6’1 I was able to get away with my weight and size of my stomach as it was most hidden by my clothes, but I was buying all large t-shirts as I didn’t like to wear tight ones. I would regularly buy a Men’s Health magazine thinking I could do what they say in the magazine and shape up, but never really had the commitment, or enough info.

 It was February 2009 when I decide to join the gym and make the change. Having had my 3 introductory PT sessions I felt I was ok doing weights, although at this point it was only on resistance machines, but it was better than nothing. I then started to build my cardio up slowly, as my starting point was shocking. But the one thing I was failing on was my diet! My mindset was that as I was now working out, I could get away with eating some of the foods I really liked – crisps, chocolate etc.

 It wasn’t until my partner left me in the summer of 2009 that I started to really change my diet, and I went the wrong way very quickly. At my lowest I reckon I was eating around 1200 calories a day, whilst running around 4-5km at lunch times. Yes I was losing weight and body fat, but I didn’t look good, and I had no definition. My family were worried about that fact I wouldn’t eat, and they thought I looked very thin in the face. However, I thought I looked good.

 It wasn’t until I researched some more into the importance of good nutrition that I started to eat properly, 5-6 meals a day, higher levels of protein, carbohydrates and good fats. I started to put weight back on, but I also started to do weights properly for the 1st time. I used a PT for 8 weeks to get a good routine and have my diet editing and improved again, and then I really started to see increases in strength and size, and with my diet improving, I could see the importance of knowledge, and knowing what you’re doing.

 I’ve now got to a stage where I’m around 8-9% body fat, and weigh 78kg, having started in 2009 at 94kg and 22%. I find my strength increases all the time, having started with an aim to be able to dips with my own weight, I can now dip with 18kg between my legs. I found it was all about setting small goals that I could reach along the way, and then once they were beaten, finding new ones.

 Having tried so many different dieting things, slightly ashamed here, but I even tried Slimfast! Yeah I know it’s bad, but at the time I was misinformed, and had no idea! It’s getting help from people at the gym, and different forums out there that got me to where I am today. My key piece of advice would be; don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, you will find almost everyone at the gym is happy to help, and they will have some great experience and knowledge. And there is never a stupid question, we have all had to start somewhere, and would have had the exact same question in our heads too. FitMag certainly has the right content for you guys to learn off too, and I wish that there was this kind of resource around when I started!

Read my next blog to find out what my experiences have been with supplements, during my quest to get to where I am today!

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