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What have I learnt about using weights? Well this goes along the same lines as supplements and diet; I started knowing not a lot, but over time I have improved my knowledge, and am always reading up on articles to make sure I optimise my workouts.

So where did I start – I was very weak, and I had no confidence to walk into the free weights area, that place was full of men who knew what they were doing, and were grunting a lot. I started out on the resistance machines, because they enabled me to stimulate my muscles without going into the free weights zone! Exercise machines like the chest press, pull down, bicep curl etc were all great machines to get me started! They were easy to use, helped me ensure I had good form, and that it was getting me on the right track.

As time went on I started to use more of the machines, and had a routine where I would superset machines, basically doing one exercise after another. I was doing 2 muscle groups at once, and it seemed to be working. It wasn’t until I decided to use a PT that he moved me to the free weight area, and that’s when the real fun began. I had no idea what I was missing out on, the different exercises you can do, the tempos, and routines. I was beginning to notice changes on almost a weekly basis as I started to use free weights!!! My strength was sky rocketing and my confidence was right with it!

However without a person showing me the exercises and pointing out issues with my form I could have done some real damage to myself, and as I learnt if you want to get stronger and stronger, your form is the most important thing, weight is almost irrelevant as long as you have the form 100% spot on. One of the best pieces of advice I was given “have lots of targets, not just one big one, but lots of little ones, that way you can measure the progress you are making over time” I started with a target of dipping with my own weight, as this has always looked a good exercise to me, and as time has gone on, not only have I smashed the target, I’m currently doing a set of dips with 18kg strapped to me! I have even become one of the grunters as I do really heavy weights. That is my story, how I came from one of the people who didn’t want to touch weights, to someone who used machines, then to be a grunter!!!

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