Ed Cole - ''My 12 Week Transformation!''

So I entered the Fit forum 12 week body challenge, looking at cutting down as much as possible in order to get myself looking defined and lean. I knew this would be a really good time to test what I have learnt, and put all my hard work to good use. I started the challenge around 78.5kg and about 12-13% BF! At the beginning I did look nice and lean, but I really wanted to get more definition, especially around my abs. 


So where did I begin? First I looked at my diet, and decided to up the protein level, and slightly reduce the carb levels while adding an extra meal to my daily diet, not forgetting to eat a good level of fats. This meant I was eating 7 meals a day, and eating around 2800 calories overall! As I went along I would tweak this through the 12 weeks to make sure I was always getting the nutrients I needed. To add to this I started to cycle in the mornings, around 30-40 minutes to help really burn into my fat levels, because I have found pre-breakfast cardio is the one of best ways to strip fat away.  This was all working very well, I measured myself every few weeks, and using the same machine my BF was going down, during one week my BF had gone down but my weight had gone up, I was adding lean mass, which I was very proud of. I made sure to mix up my routine every 6 weeks, to make sure my body didn’t adapt, and to ensure it would still grow!


 In regards to supplements I added creatine into my diet during this challenge, and I found that really helped my strength levels while I was cutting down. 


When it came to the last few weeks I seemed to plateau off, and the losses weren’t as significant, but I was still doing very well, my target was to get to 8% BF, and the last measurement I had was 8.5%! As you can imagine I was very pleased with what I had achieved. But I know I could have done better, looking back now, I was a little too relaxed at times with my diet, and I would have liked to have pushed myself further in the morning with the cycles, and the weights at the gym. I have decided to enter another competition, and will use all I have learnt to make sure I try my hardest for that one.  I was able to learn what my body can go through, and what I can achieve when I try, and I know that if I put in 100% I can reach my goals, and get the body I want, as in the end that is the true goal.

 On a positive note, for the new challenge I have decided to do a clean bulk to add some more muscle, which means I can eat loads of food again.

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