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During my time trying to get into shape, adding size, and gaining definition I have tried a huge variety of supplements at different times.  From whey shakes, to diet shakes, to mass gaining shakes. However, it took me a long time to understand the differences, and to realise if I was using the right ones at the right times! Even now I find I tweak what I take here and there depending on what I’m doing.

First off supplements are there to do as they say, supplement your diet! At first I got this wrong, and was taking a lot of shakes instead of food, and wasn’t reaching my goals, and spending a lot of money. It’s about finding the gaps in your diet, and meal times, and filling those with shakes to help you reach your daily intake.

So what I have tried? Well I started with Maximuscle as this is what my gym stocked, and what the PT suggested at the time. I was using cyclone, but only half the serving size at a time as I didn’t want to get loads of muscles. Again this was me being completely misinformed about what a shake would do. I found this was an expensive shake, and as I wasn’t taking it properly, wasn’t doing anything for me.  It wasn’t until I started to see a better PT that he suggested a whey shake to up my protein intake. At this point I looked around and stumbled upon Monstersupplements.com, and the choice was huge! I went for PhD Pharma Whey as it was in the top 50 so thought it was good. At this point I had no idea what the other ingredients did, but it was whey!  I now had a drink that would help increase my protein intake per day, and it tasted amazing!! It’s been 18 months and I still use PhD Pharma whey as my staple whey drink. Before deciding that I wanted to keep on taking this shake I started to research into what the extra ingredients were, and how they would help. This is where you discover why some whey formulas might cost more than others. However, if you are going to spend the money make sure you read up on the profile of the supplement first. As time has gone on I have tried different shakes depending on what I want to achieve. For example, I have used the PhD Diet Whey when I was trying to cut fat. I also used a bulking shake when trying to add mass. Of course, these were AS WELL AS a good diet!  One of the best things I can suggest is try the sample sachets, it really helps you decide on what flavour to get, and if you are unsure about what the other ingredients do, ask!!! Somewhere like the FitForum or FitMag are great because people on there are happy to help, and knowledge is one of the most important things you will need to get the body you want.

From my experiences I hope you can gain some positive feedback and I hope they help you make a more informed decision! Protein supplements are a must for anybody who trains regularly, whatever you do! I would say it is important to get your choice right though and to use them for their purpose, to ‘supplement your diet!’

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