Dumbbells Are All You Need!

Convenience is the ‘buzz’ word of modern day living, people want everything faster than ever before! Training is one of those things which you can always ‘do tomorrow’ however, once you start this trend it will inevitably end in you becoming inactive! Whilst it may not tickle the fancy of ‘big guys’ it may just be enough for ‘average athletic Joe’ and his missus, ‘average athletic Jane!’ Here is a 6 part dumbbell workout which you can perform at home, in the park, in the garage or wherever else!

The weight of the dumbbells you use much depends on your own levels of strength, however I would guestimate a 10kg set of dumbbells to be enough for ‘Joe’ and a set of 5kg dumbbells enough for ‘Jane.’

Dumbbell squats and explosive squats superset

This exercise is absolutely fantastic for targeting the thigh muscles and keeping the weight transfer directly on the target muscle group. The best variation of this exercise is to hold the dumbbells out in front of you through the whole exercise! This way as you squat down you can keep your back perfectly straight, which is key. The dumbbells are acting as a counter balance through the exercise. Keeping your back straight means that the tension remains on your thighs and doesn’t go on to your lower back for instance! After you fail on this, drop the dumbbells and squat down with your body weight and power up into the air until failure! This is a perfect way to stimulate fat loss!

Bent over dumbbell rows and hyperextension super set

Much like the barbell equivalent, bend over with your back locked out at all times and bring the dumbbells in towards your body, in line with your belly button. Due to the light weights, bend as far forward as you can to try and get your chest on a parallel with the floor. This way your back muscles have to work harder, leading to increased muscle stimulation and higher calorie expenditure! Straight after this, lye face down on the floor and do hyperextensions to stimulate the lower portion of your back!

Shoulder press and side lateral superset

Standing up, perform 10-12 shoulder press repetitions and then immediately go into a side lateral raise! This will really stimulate the deltoids and traps, and it will help keep your heart rate elevated. With the shoulder joint it is vital to really get maximum blood flow into the area, this will help achieve just that!

Dumbbell curls and overhead extensions superset

To get a great pump going in your arms perform standing alternating dumbbell curls to failure, and then go straight double handed overhead extensions to get your triceps. If you find using one dumbbell with both hands is too light, either do more reps are do one arm at a time!

Chest press and press-ups superset

Lying flat on your back on the floor, do a set of dumbbell chest pressing until near failure. After this go straight into very slow and controlled press-ups. This will ensure that it is your chest which is taking the majority of the strain, especially on the negative portion of the repetition.

Weighted crunches and crunches superset

This is a bit like a drop set! Place the dumbbell on your chest and hold it with your hands. Do as many controlled crunches you can until failure and then drop the dumbbells and keep going! This will really get your abdominals burning!

There you have a very easy to follow 6 point circuit to follow, and all you need are a set of dumbbells and your body weight! If you are feeling really fit and strong, do 2 circuits! If you find this style of training is your best chance of staying active, make it a regular thing, twice a week at least! Then aim to increase the amount of circuits and reps you do every couple of weeks!


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