Don't 'Look' Healthy, 'Be' Healthy!

Health VS looks is a constant battle we often see both sides to in the western world! This isn’t just in relation to muscle; it is in relation to skin care, hair and anything else cosmetic! The lengths people are willing to go to in order to enhance their image is sometimes alarming, and normally unnecessary! In our industry, being ‘healthy’ doesn’t necessarily come hand in hand with ‘looking physically good!’ After reading this I hope that you can take away some pointers to help ensure you do remain healthy as well as look good!


There are a million and one diets out there, opinions and weird and wonderful concepts which promise to deliver the best results. The point is, you should always and I mean always, place your health before anything else! Therefore it is surely common sense to maintain a healthy balance of foods in your diet, where you can enjoy the nutritional value of various food groups! Personally, I am a big believer that fruit is over rated; in terms of ‘health’ because it has the ability to really stimulate fat gains with its sugar content! However, I am also a huge believer that fruit is fundamental as part of a healthy diet, it is all about volume and time of consumption! Cutting out entire food groups isn’t something I believe in and I don’t think it is healthy to do so! In my opinion, to maximise your overall health you should be eating lean protein, healthy carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, plenty of fibre, lots of greens, some fruit and dairy as well! What is the point of ‘looking good’ if your immune system is as effective as a chocolate fireguard?


As part of the ‘healthy’ lifestyle in its true sense you must enjoy what you eat, day in day out! Psychologically you won’t be very healthy if you despise what awaits you in the fridge, and this will certainly make you grumpy. Just ask my girlfriend!!!  For sure, there is a vast difference between enjoying a healthy diet and saying ‘well if Adam says I have to enjoy my food then I am going to eat chips, chocolate and ice cream everyday!’ This isn’t what I am saying; instead I mean you have to enjoy your healthy choice of foods. Don’t make yourself eat fish because it is healthy if you HATE fish! To stay healthy you need to be happy, eating food you enjoy will go along way to achieving this!


To maximise your health I would always advise anybody to use a high quality multi-vitamin, essential fatty acid blend, a high quality protein blend and an amino acid supplement. This is because anybody leading a healthy lifestyle will be exercising one way or another, therefore your body will certainly benefit from these supplements!

There you go guys, 3 points to consider when you make the decision to embark upon a journey to improve your health! As I said, a lot of people who are in good shape are not necessarily healthy, they just do what they do to look this way! Instead, you should focus on staying healthy and find a balance which will enable you to look good physically! If you are eating a clean balanced diet with the occasional treat night or two, there is no reason why you won’t look lean if you exercise regularly as well!

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