Burn More Calories Whilst You Train!

Weight training is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat! As you lift weights this can stimulate a massive expenditure in calories, which will hopefully equate to higher levels of fat loss over time! However, there are certain things you can do to really make your weight session an even more effective fat loss workout!

Rest periods

When people’s main goal is to shed body fat they tend to keep rest periods very short, in the region of 30 seconds, in order to help keep your heart rate elevated! Whilst it is important to keep your heart rate up in order to shed body fat, keeping your rest periods this short won’t necessarily enable you to train at a great intensity because you will fatigue too quickly! Therefore I would suggest keeping your rest periods to around 60-70 seconds because this will ensure your heart rate doesn’t drop too much, and it will also allow you to recover enough to lift heavy enough weights. Obviously, if you can train as heavy as possible then you are going to cause a greater expenditure in calories! I also believe by having 60-70 seconds rest opposed to 30, your heart rate will fluctuate more which can actually help stimulate fat loss more effectively!

Repetition range

Using a different range of repetitions will certainly help recruit a higher percentage of your muscle fibres, therefore you are again maximising the overall calorie expenditure. Furthermore, by using different repetition ranges your heart rate will be working at different levels, again promoting fat loss!


Compound exercises are the best way to maximise your calorie expenditure! These include bench pressing, squats, deadlifts, military pressing and leg press! The reason these exercises are so effective for promoting fat loss is because they recruit a lot more muscle power, compared to other exercises. As a result, more muscle fibres are working leading to an elevation in calories used! Simples!

Wrap up!

When you hit the weights, don’t be so keen to strip down and show off your rippling muscles in that skimpy vest! Keep a hooded top on, wear a hat and even keep your hood up! Making yourself sweat more will lead to more calories being used! As you do this make sure you are glugging the water down because you will become dehydrated very easily otherwise!

There are 3 very easy ways to enhance your fat loss, whether you are male or female! As you know I am following a 12 week transformation as you read this and I am employing each of these strategies to maximise my progress!

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