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It isn’t very often that an all time bodybuilding legend brings out a new line of supplements, in fact the last time one did it went global! Think the guy who started was called Rich someone (Gaspari for those of you who don’t get it!)? Anyway, fortunately for all of us the one and only Berry De Mey has brought out his very own supplement line and this is a true blessing! For those of you, who are not up to speed with Berry, check out his profile on the internet and you will be blown away! This guy is a true champion of champions and the fact he has launched a product line is great news because you know the knowledge behind the products is going to be A1!

So a little about Berry De Mey the brand as we know it today! Berry has come up with a unique concept where by you as the consumer can buy ‘elite’ products which are shall we say the ‘crème de la crème’, but you can also buy straight forward products if you are on a tighter budget. The less expensive products are still as good quality, they just have less other additions! Doesn’t that sound awesome? Using a supplement line which can basically accommodate a fluctuation in budget from month to month without compromise!

In regards to the products on offer, Berry De Mey has come straight out with a full range! You can get a very high quality protein blend, Casein protein, Creatine, fat burners all the way down to your energising supplements, BCAAs and amino acids! The point is, Berry De Mey has offered you a full range of supplements right away, and you can even choose the price to an extent!

How do I truly rate Berry De Mey products? Personally I feel that the ingredients are top of the pile as Berry hasn’t left any stone unturned. It is clear by the quality of all the products that Berry is aiming for the best, and I think he has achieved this! However, what I really rate is the fact that he has offered two separate ‘tiers’ of supplements. Offering a more affordable range is genius because sometimes no matter how much you want to, you cannot always stretch far enough! We all want to drive Ferraris, but not all of us can afford it! What Berry has done is offer a ‘Ferrari’ substitute for a fraction of the price, making it a very desirable choice I must say!

To conclude I have a great feeling about Berry De Mey and I think this brand will grow from strength to strength! As I said it isn’t every day a bodybuilding legend launches a supplement line, and when they do I think it is very important to embrace it because you know the products are based on real life experiences! 10/10 Berry!!!

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