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One of the most beautiful places to relax is on the beach, on a hot sunny day! The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, the smell of sea salt in the air and the warmth of the sun heated sand on the soles of your feet are all very calming. OK, enough of that nonsense, the point is that the beach can be a great place to workout if the gym isn’t your kind of place!

Most beaches have masses of space therefore you can exercise in complete peace and quiet, without worrying if there are people watching you or getting in the way. There is something about the beach which makes it a nice environment to be in, which will certainly enhance your mood towards exercise if you find it hard to get motivated! You can also get a sun tan whilst training, what could be better? So whether you don’t like gyms, or you are going away on holiday this summer here is a ‘beach workout’ guide for you to stay in shape!

Beach Workout Circuit –

Perform each of the following exercises for 60 seconds flat out, getting as many full repetitions as possible done in that time! Take 30 seconds rest between exercises. Complete 3 circuits of these exercises! These circuits can be performed 3 times a week if it is going to be your main point of exercise.

Wide stance press ups

Bench dips (on a rock, bench etc)


Explosive squats

Lying hyperextensions

Close stance press ups

These exercises are not just thrown together for the sake of it; instead they have been chosen to help target different areas of the body. By following this exercise plan you will be giving your core a great workout and you will also be burning a lot of calories, keeping your heart rate elevated. This workout only takes 27 minutes, yet it is extremely intense. Therefore it is ideal for the summer, perhaps whilst you are on holiday and you just need to stimulate your muscles and keep the body levels down.

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