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Positivity is one of the fundamental grounds in which FitMag is based upon, where you condition yourself to remain positive no matter what! This is great because there will be days where you don’t want to train, eat the right food or skip the pub. . . .Blah blah blah you have heard this all before off me! Instead I wanted to show you how your positivity can affect OTHERS around you and why taking action is such a selfless act!

Positivity oozes like fat through lard!

I am willing to bet my success on my 12 week transformation that IF you begin a transformation yourself. . . .Properly, then people around you will as well at some point! People are all about results, and if you show them results they are sold! For example, I helped my mum with a diet and exercise plan the same week I started filming my transformation and she’s lost 16lbs! Initially, my mum was unmotivated, she had tried several diets before and got fed up, but my positivity and consistency with my eating, my exercise and my results finally got the message over to her! This has also happened with several others of my family members and friends! We all know people close to use who want to get into better shape, take the lead and inspire! If you can make your friends and family healthier whilst doing the same for yourself, you are arguably making your whole family’s future brighter!

Self Belief!

If you are in good shape, people will often tell you ‘’it is easy for you to say’’ much like they would to a millionaire when they say ‘’you should invest!’’ On both accounts what these people fail to realise and understand is that the person offering them advice started somewhere! Your mum, dad, brother or sister didn’t know me when I was 16, but they knew you!!! Therefore IF you show them how far you have come, they will see in front of them a person who has completely transformed themselves. This will instil more self belief into your friends and family that they too, can do it!

‘’Diets’’ are temporary, lifestyle change is permanent!

FitMag promotes the change to a healthier lifestyle, NOT a ‘’diet’’ to get you in shape for X amount of time to then pile it all back on. For sure, in the summer we want to get trim, but the whole point is to live a healthier lifestyle all year round! The UK for one as a nation has poor eating habits and it is our mission to help correct that, and we are starting with YOU! If you make a healthy change to your lifestyle, eating good food, training regularly, using good supplementation and stopping smoking and drinking regularly, then your family are going to be more inclined to do the same! The variety of food in the house changes therefore it will help broaden their minds as to what they should really be eating!

A massive proportion of the population would want to improve they way they look physically, as well the health of their insides. However it takes a very dedicated and strong person to take action, do it and stick to it! Be the first one in your family to do it and you will be very surprised at the reaction you cause amongst your social network!

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