7 Step Guide to Getting Ripped!

There is lots of content on FitMag outlining what foods you need to eat, how to train and what supplements to use to get into shape! However, to ensure that EVERYBODY gets the basic foundations in place here is a 7 step guide to ‘getting ripped’ for the summer! Everything you need to know and to get ripped is here, and if it isn’t it’s not worth knowing!!!

Step 1 –

Nutrition is KING; I have said it so many times before I will say it so many times again. Get this fundamental rule into your head and you will get shredded! Research and real life experiences of thousands of athletes have proven you need 5 small solid meals a day! For the first 3 meals eat with a ratio of 40:40:20 protein, low G.I carbohydrates and fats. For the last two solid meals of the day cut out your complex carbohydrates and replace them with fibrous carbohydrates. Make sure you are drinking at least 4 litres of clear water a day which will really help burn body fat, and limit water retention!

Step 2 –

Weight train! If you don’t weight train start to if getting ripped means so much to you! If you are afraid of getting too bulky, don’t be because you won’t gain that much muscle mass in a couple of months. There is nothing as effective as resistance training for burning calories! Focus on compound movements which are multi-joint exercises. Squats, leg pressing, bench pressing and shoulder pressing are all good examples of these! By gaining a small amount of lean muscle tissue, your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is also increased which again burns additional calories!

Step 3 –

Get your cardio training sorted! I would say about 90% of the people who ask for advice on fat burning will be doing cardio in the form of jogging! This is great for improving your aerobic capacity, but not for fat burning. Simply put, your body cannot breakdown body fat quick enough as an effective energy source when you run. When you do low impact cardio like brisk walking or cycling, it can and it will! To begin with aim to do 20 minutes 5 times a week before breakfast, and then add 10 minutes a day every week thereafter! Make sure you do your cardio on an empty stomach, that isn’t just for show there is a very good reason behind it. If you were to eat before hand, your muscle glycogen levels will be full therefore your body will utilise this as energy, not your stored body fat!

Step 4 –

Supplements really do make a huge difference! If in the past you have found supplements not to work very well, I would bet it was due to a poor diet and lack of training. Now you have got your diet, training and cardio in place supplements can make between 15-25% in difference to your results! Get a quality fat burner such as Anabolic Designs Shredabull, Grenade or N.A.R Redline. Also get a first class CLA product such as USN CLA Thermo. Finally, definitely use an L-Carnitine product, such as the one Reflex offer! These products will really get your thermogenesis up, which will burn off lots of calories for you. They will also actively help your body utilise your body fat in order to decrease the amount of stored fat you have by the end of your diet!

Step 5 –

Keep your ‘why’ goal in mind at all times! To do anything in life there has to be a ‘why’ and dieting is no different. Why keeping your true reason for dieting in mind it will make you get your food prepared on time, not miss meals, take all your supplements, get up to do your cardio and travel to the gym! Anytime you feel weak, remind yourself ‘why’ you are doing this! Don’t ever lose sight of that, this is going to be your mental strength tool to keep you progressing!

Step 6 –

Weigh yourself everyday in order to get a true idea of your weight. How heavy you weigh is actually irrelevant, but seeing a small decrease of between 1-3 lbs a week is normal when you are dieting and it also does wonders for your morale. If you don’t drop weight don’t panic, but just keep an eye on it and stick to the game plan! Don’t be rash and skip meals to try and compensate as this will backfire, as will doing lots of extra cardio!

Step 7 –

Reward yourself with one cheat MEAL a week, not a whole day of binging! Looking forward to a cheat meal once a week will help keep you motivated and it will also give a short term goal to focus on! Make sure the meal is still nutritious though, so pizza and the likes of are off the menu! Meals like spaghetti bolognaise, roast dinner and shepherds pie are great because they actually contain all the quality nutrients you need! Don’t go over board with dessert, something like a slice of apple pie, an ice cream or cookie is ample. This way you are still satisfying your cravings without hampering your goals. Personally, I only allow myself a cheat meal IF my weight has dropped and I can see changes in the mirror. If I was to still cheat I would be mentally torturing myself because I wouldn’t stop beating myself up for it! Regret is a horrible thing, so only reward real progress NOT desire!

Following these 7 steps will get you into the shape of your life this summer! Set a date in which you have to be ripped by and commit! There is plenty of content on FitMag going into more detail on each of the ‘7 steps’ listed above. The beauty of this is you can be a 16 year old school boy or a 60 year old retired police woman! It doesn’t matter, this isn’t about looking ‘freaky’ it is about looking lean and healthy. Therefore this is applicable to just about anybody!

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